When goals come in pairs: Identical twins, identical dreams!

The Lomocso twin-doctors with parents, Engr. Deogracias G. Lomocso Jr. & Dr. Courseline Cabahug-Lomocso…

Ever vivid but unconventional, among the honored families who shared the most common rewarding moments during the 68th Investiture and Commencement Exercises held at Grand Pacific Ballroom, Waterfront Cebu City Hotel & Casino last June 21, 2018 were the proud parents of not just one but two pairs to behold- the Lomocso twin sisters.

The Lomocso twins: Julynnie Cabahug Lomocso, MD &  Julienne Cabahug Lomocso, MD

Born together on December 31, 1992, identical twins Julienne and Julynnie Cabahug Lomocso were part of the ILLUSTRE graduates who achieved their goals and graduated together as twin doctors. From siblings’ goal to parents’ pride, the twin graduates completed their noble dream and shared the same joyful moments during the most-waited day of their milestone in pair.

Same genes, same dreams with the Lomocso twins…

Fondly known as Lomocso twins, Julienne and Julynnie are the eldest among the four children of Engr. Deogracias G. Lomocso Jr. and Dr. Courseline Cabahug-Lomocso from Iligan City. Skills-natured and devoted to their studies, Julynnie and Julienne were both student-leaders in MHAM.

Officially MD: With Julynnie C. Lomocso, MD

During their third challenging year in Medicine, both of them have contributed much of their skills, willingness and profound commitment to produce two volumes of the official school publication known as “The Pulse”. Dedicated as ever, Julienne was the editor-in-chief of the Pulse Editorial Board while Julynnie served as the associate editor.

Officially MD: With Julienne C. Lomocso, MD

While most of the identical twins are noticeably similar aside from the looks, indeed, the Lomocso twins were frequently asked if they do everything together as twin sisters. Undoubtedly, for them, there was never a Julynnie and a Julienne since it was always ‘the twins’. Looking at them at the first glance may seemed hard to distinguish from one to the other and most of the time the two have similar interests to complete each other.

Born together, friends forever: With Engr. Deogracias Lomocso Sr. & Dr. Courseline Cabahug-Lomocso with their twins

Growing up together with similar preferences and interests although twins are two unique individuals, the twin doctors finished the elementary level in 2005 with remarkable grades. Coming together with the same school, with the same class, they graduated high school in 2009 with exemplary academic performance. In 2013, the Lomocso twins earned the bachelor’s degree in Development Studies, Political Economics.

Hearts entwined, achievements combined with the twin sisters…

In an interview with the two blessings in one, Drs. Julynnie and Julienne Lomocso graciously exclaimed that there is no greater joy than to share the same accomplishment that they have worked together in one, a masterpiece of their special bond by genes and by heart.

Interview with the twin-doctors…

“We are very happy that we were able to make it together as we both worked hard for it. To be honest, the field of Medicine was more of an acquired taste for both of us. In fact, going into medical school was one of those unexpected tracks life had planned for us. Nevertheless, the experiences and learnings were all worthwhile. But our first love will always be the field of economics”, Julynnie said in an interview.

Twins by chance, goals by choice…

Having been blessed to have a wonderful twin sister that they both exclaimed, the Lomocso twins had their shares of giggles, doubts, tests, secrets and tears but their genetic bond and love through the years are stronger than any challenge along the way.

Words from the twin doctors…

She would be the first person I’d tell about my day. Sharing personal thoughts is a very natural thing for us both. I think she can even read my mind sometimes. We did have our own share of challenges and experiences that did test our bond as twins. Despite all that, we always managed to work it out and keep our sisterhood as strong as ever. I find that fact fulfilling in itself. Well, my sister and I do share some quite interesting achievements while growing up. But I think the greatest is yet to come. There’s still a long way to go”, Julienne said.

Identical twins, identical dreams: With Dr. Julynnie C. Lomocso & Dr. Julienne C. Lomocso

While the moments they share are the moments they keep together as twin sisters, their remarkable experiences in med school were one of the significant part of their medical journey from the very first day of their med life. “Our most memorable MHAMoment had to be our first day in MHAM. We were the only twins in our batch and that was quite an interesting insight. We can never forget the first friends we had in school, the first classes we attended and the first learnings we had. In short, our first day never really felt like an awkward period of adjustment. It felt like we just blended right in”, concluded the 25-year old twins.

The LOMOCSO family…

Joined in love and kept in strength as a family, the Lomocso twins also expressed their undying gratitude to their loving and supportive parents who believed them first before they believed in themselves.

With the Lomocso couple…

According to the very woman who gave birth to the twins, Dr. Courseline Cabahug-Lomocso cheerfully exclaimed that the joy in motherhood comes in moments like graduation day. The pediatrician-endocrinologist mother also stated that she never influenced her children to become medical doctors like her.

With Dr. Courseline Cabahug-Lomocso in an interview…

“As parents we are very thankful that the two have made it after four years of hard work and persistence. As a medical doctor I never imposed the twins to follow the same career path as I did and it was their choice to pursue for it. Finally, they have achieved their goals together and I am the proudest of them all”, Dr. Lomocso said in a separate interview.

“Finally, they have achieved their goals together and I am the proudest of them all”…- Dr. Courseline Cabahug-Lomocso

As graduation day evokes joy and tears from a parent’s heart, the Lomocso couple could not contain their pride and joy for having been able to support their twins’ dreams from the very start. Beaming with parental fulfillment from their daughter’s accomplishments, Engr. Deogracias and Dr. Courseline were among the most honored parents during this year’s commencement exercises.

Twice the joy. Twice the love. Twice the blessing.

To date, the twin sisters are having their PGIship in a government hospital in Manila. Similarly matched in the same hospital, their first two months of rotation is in the field of Internal Medicine and above all, they belong to the same group, with the same schedule.

When goals come in pairs…

As graduation ceremony apparently marks a celebration to behold among jubilant graduates and parents alike, the ILLUSTRE products conferred with the degree of Doctor of Medicine including the Lomocso twins are now ready to embark another phase in life with their lifetime commitment to save lives and beyond. With a noble future ahead in plain sight, the Class of 2018 will be carrying their legacy as God’s instruments of grace, ready to unravel the beauty of their dreams. (Ana Liza Abao)

Officially MD: Identical twins Dr. Julienne Cabahug Lomocso & Dr. Julynnie Cabahug Lomocso