The MHAM way: Batch SOLARIUM leaves legacy by donating classroom chairs for the new building

Leaving a legacy to the Alma Mater: With Dr. James A. Dela Cruz and MHAM President and Chairman of the Board, Mrs. Elma Aznar-Sierra

Leaving an abiding legacy to the institution that has been a home for every Matias product, the new physicians from the class of 2016 known as SOLARIUM graciously donated classroom chairs on the occasion of the testimonial luncheon held at the AVRs 4, 5 and 6 last May 11, 2018.

As gratitude becomes thanksgiving for a class who successfully passed the most recent Physician Licensure Examination, the SOLARIUM doctors officially donated their gift to the Alma Mater that will be used at the new building and soon-to-be MHAM’s permanent home in Banawa, Guadalupe, Cebu City.

A gift from SOLARIUM during the ceremonial donation…

Words from batch SOLARIUM Vice President, James A. Dela Cruz, MD

In a ceremonial donation led by its class Vice President, Dr. James A. Dela Cruz, the gift was officially turned over to the MHAM President and Chairman of the Board, Mrs. Elma Aznar-Sierra as the latter paid tribute to the new physicians for the success and honor they have given to the school by becoming fully-licensed mavens of the field.

“Our batch indeed has memorable and good times but having been done with two campuses we have experienced the lack of chairs for several times because we were so a lot. I was informed that a sum of money was given to the board passers but instead of getting it ourselves the officers decided to make something good out of it and to help not just ourselves but we will donate it to the school. This is the prototype of the chair that we have procured which we will be donating to the upcoming and soon to be opened MHAM College of Medicine building. So I’d like to formally donate this type of chair and in behalf of batch SOLARIUM may these chairs become an instrument for continued learning for our future doctors”, Dr. Dela Cruz said.

Long lasting legacy: Presenting the prototype of chair

Having been exposed as a class with the historical MHAM-SWU split in 2014, the new doctors who have taken the Hippocratic Oath in mid May this year were the ones who believed and stayed with MHAM through thick and thin as they moved out from the previous vicinity.

From SOLARIUM to MHAM: A legacy to behold

Determined with courage and willingness to take chances with supreme conviction that they can do it as a batch, the SOLARIUM doctors are the epitome of what unity as strength is all about. Today, they can only look back of a bittersweet yet notable history where they themselves became part of a whole.

The MHAM way: With Dr. James A. Dela Cruz and Mrs. Elma Aznar-Sierra

Interview with Dr. James A. Dela Cruz…

In an interview with the class Vice President, he stated that his present achievement rooted from a noble profession that he really desired to achieve has been owed to the very institution that gave him a second chance to prove to anyone and to himself that he can certainly make it.

“I have experienced difficulties and ups and downs in Medicine and the major ups that I had was failing my first medical school but MHAM gave me a second chance to help regain myself. Now that I’ve finished it is indeed not just fulfilling but in a way I am very proud for mysef and for my parents for making it through and reaching this part. Now that I am here it’s more of a responsibility rather than a privilege to have this license because the main purpose of being a physician is to serve and to help people. It is not just about self-fulfillment or self-gratification but for others”, said the new doctor with a smile.

With SOLARIUM Class Vice President, James A. Dela Cruz, MD

Driven with an inherent sense of leadership and commitment way back his long years of studies, Dr. Dela Cruz served as the class president during his first and second years in med school. A batch representative when he was in third year, the call to lead being the vice president in his class didn’t hinder his challenging year as a senior clerk during his last year of service in MHAM.

“Looking back, since elementary up to med school I have been a leader. Being a leader is not just about the capacity to lead but it is more on motivating them how to be better in terms of performance and you have to be one for them and one with them. I believe that leadership is a talent because not everybody can lead but it can be a double-edged sword as well. The most colorful moment that I had with the batch was to lead and guide them in our darkest times when we were caught in between during the split. Though we were unsure of how things were unfolding back then or what has to become but we were able to stood up for ourselves, we were able to identify ourselves, we were able to stand for what we know and fought for it. Now that we are graduates with medical licenses it is very fitting to give back to MHAM of what and how we have become”, he added.

With MHAM alumnus-leader, Dr. James A. Dela Cruz…

Motivated with a long term plan for his career, Dr. Dela Cruz will pursue for the residency training as a specialist in Internal Medicine with his aim to become one of the nephrologists in the country. In due but most promising time, he will do the training in Cebu City but will soon proceed for medical practice in his home province in Plaridel. “I’d like to give back to where my roots are and I want to help the people most especially in our community because we lack doctors. After my training here I will go back and start and build my career there”, Dr. Dela Cruz concluded.


Beaming with pride and belief that the great use of life is to spend it for something that will outlast it with the MHAM way, one hundred twenty-four (124) new physicians mostly from batch SOLARIUM have created an inheritance of a great example with their one of a kind donation. The new doctor-donors are the following:

  1. Abamonga, Amira Louise Delin, MD
  2. Abella, Mary Ann Gonzales, MD
  3. Adlaon, John Phillip Singco, MD
  4. Alburo, Marigold Bagaboyboy, MD
  5. Alcala, Kathlein Lopez, MD
  6. Amante, John Jette Monte, MD
  7. Amer, Sittie Rayhannah H. Basir, MD
  8. Apa, Stella Augusto, MD
  9. Arendain, Manuel III Jainar, MD
  10. Asilo, Flora Mae Francisco, MD
  11. Augusto, Eris Ponce, MD
  12. Bagul, Aminah Lomondot, MD
  13. Baliton, Buck Juntilla, MD
  14. Baluis, Ernan Niere, MD
  15. Batirzal, John Jane Lamorin, MD
  16. Berden, Jezer Nerj Paquit, MD
  17. Binayao, Francis Jason Bongayan, MD
  18. Bolivar, Mary Darlene Molavizar, MD
  19. Borres, Donna Adolfo, MD
  20. Buctuanon, Hazel Anne Villanueva, MD
  21. Cabahug, Stacy Gwen Salimbangon, MD
  22. Cabalo, Jerome Gaylo, MD
  23. Calinga, Sheila Mhel Muta, MD
  24. Carabaña, Lica Jamane Lira, MD
  25. Carbon, Jesse Margarette Mariano, MD
  26. Castro, Jon Francis Cornel, MD
  27. Celestino, Maria Theresa Magallon, MD
  28. Clavero, Eddessa Ramos, MD
  29. Clerino, Rose Marie Alfarero, MD
  30. Cobarde, Ayeza Mantalaba, MD
  31. Comaingking, Joshua Dan Delos Reyes, MD
  32. Copino, Randulf Bañaga, MD
  33. Coquilla, Juan Carlos Estillore, MD
  34. Datudacula, Fatima Garangan, MD
  35. De la Cruz, James Arancon, MD
  36. Derla, Renz Edwin Rios, MD
  37. Dimalna, Omilhanah Sampaco, MD
  38. Dionisio, Van Russ Jade Paradero, MD
  39. Dy , James Wallen Kho, MD
  40. Elizalde, Salvador John Jr. Mascardo, MD
  41. Embate, Gian Claude Tan, MD
  42. Eramis, Sadamitsu, MD
  43. Flores, Rey Evan Anito, MD
  44. Francisco, Joyce Ann Trinidad, MD
  45. Fuderanan, Janine Hinampas, MD
  46. Fugio, Camille Pueblo, MD
  47. Garcia, Io Camille Daan, MD
  48. Gascon, Sweet Ariane Gay Sagabay, MD
  49. Gedaro, Addin Dahunog, MD
  50. Gonzales, Michella Biña, MD
  51. Guro, Ruffaidah Macaumbao, MD
  52. Hadji Sali, Sheramer Setiota, MD
  53. Harun, Stephenson Abadies, MD
  54. Inting, Rey Alfred Ebo, MD
  55. Javier, Sergio Zelig Sevilles, MD
  56. Jugao, Starsky Aquino, MD
  57. Labay, Jay-Conrad Granados, MD
  58. Laguerta, Arthur Dale Yrauda, MD
  59. Lapasaran, Ray-An Escala, MD
  60. Lasala, Chellanee May Cubelo, MD
  61. Lasdoce, Kazeline Lastimosa, MD
  62. Liao, Lindsey Cherub Tomaclas, MD
  63. Lim, Philipp Vincent Bendebel, MD
  64. Llanes, Lou Salomson, MD
  65. Lomocso, Faye Angeli Villamayor, MD
  66. Macauyag, Aima Manarondong, MD
  67. Macaya, Noel Libanan, MD
  68. Machacon, Nicol Alexis Dangazo, MD
  69. Magomnang, Suhaimah Bandrang, MD
  70. Mahinay, Joseph Martel Mendoza, MD,
  71. Mambering, Norjanah Laguindab, MD
  72. Managaytay, Erwin Francis Soberano, MD
  73. Mangondato, Hannah Lomondot, MD
  74. Manigos, Kirby Caminos, MD
  75. Mantilla, Jacklyne Brigette Cempron, MD
  76. Marte, Earl Justine Escasinas, MD
  77. Mastura, Sonorah Mindalano, MD
  78. Maulana, Abdulhay Esmael, MD
  79. Mejares, Ma. Faye Antonette Columnas, MD
  80. Mollaneda, Simon Peter Pesalbon, MD
  81. Mondejar, Jowelyn Cornetes, MD
  82. Montederamos , Marie Jane Pueblas, MD
  83. Montuerto, Michael Christian Ponay, MD
  84. Morala, Alexander Villavelez, MD
  85. Nillama, Remle Rose June Casiño, MD
  86. Nonesa, Kenneth Doya Guides, MD
  87. Odeh, Fares Rocaberte, MD
  88. Orehuela, Fredyn Will Flor, MD
  89. Orehuela, Jay Ruyeras, MD
  90. Ortega, Carl Christian Esteban, MD
  91. Paculba, Edelle Marc Dologuin, MD
  92. Pajantoy, Jannevee Enricoso, MD
  93. Panal, Louella Vale Tegupa, MD
  94. Pauig, Jayson Mendiola, MD
  95. Peligrino, Gilbert Paul Golosinda, MD
  96. Perocho, Jemimah Flor Opay, MD
  97. Pesante, Jude Irene Migue, MD
  98. Petilo, Mark Raymond Salvanera, MD
  99. Ramirez, Sylvi Lorraine Cinco, MD
  100. Regulacion, Kevin Conrad Cruz, MD
  101. Requillo, Doraine Faye Pacatang, MD
  102. 102.Roa, June Ivy Gallogo, MD
  103. Rudas, Niño Cagbabanua, MD
  104. Samson, Jerimae Sibalosa, MD
  105. Santillan, Jo-Ann Villafuerte, MD
  106. Seno, Nholand Manlosa, MD
  107. Sevilleno, Zelwen Kyle Dela Cruz, MD
  108. Simene, Jerome James Yambao, MD
  109. Simene, Lucris Marte Arevalo, MD
  110. Singh, Samantha Ann Abdullah, MD
  111. Solomon, Loise Olarte, MD
  112. Soriano, Carole Anne Nercuit, MD
  113. Tabaranza, Jeam Vanessa Palicte, MD
  114. Tamoni, Helen May Camacho, MD
  115. Tamparong, Kier Mainit, MD
  116. Tan, Melchor, MD
  117. Tantan, Roderick Gallo, MD
  118. Tatad, Bonn Paolo Antopina, MD
  119. Tizon, Clyde Darvy Tumaob, MD
  120. Tornilla, Michelle Manuele Manila, MD
  121. Urmenita, Sierra Jutba, MD
  122. Vallejos, Maria Cristina Torralba, MD
  123. Villareal, Maureen Rose Bandolon, MD
  124. Villarubia, Richel Vida Gallenero, MD

With Dr. Richel Vida Villarubia-Abella in an interview…

In a separate interview with one of the SOLARIUM alumna, Dr. Richel Vida G. Villarubia and now Dr. Richel Vida Villarubia-Abella, she broke into tears of joy and sadness as she shared her own story. Happily married to a MHAM alumnus, Dr. Jed Mclee G. Abella, this alumna is also blessed with a son who both witnessed her fulfilling moment as she took the oath together with the rest of her batch during the MHAM-led oath taking ceremonies last month.

With SOLARIUM alumna, Richel Vida Villarubia-Abella, MD

A medical technologist by profession, her mother, who influenced her to become a doctor, passed away when she was still in high school. Her father, who used to work in Qatar for years died days before her graduation in Medicine.

“My parents might not be able to witness of what I have become at present but I am very grateful and proud for making it. It has been my childhood dream to become a doctor and now I can render service to my community and to the people who seeks medical help”, Dr. Abella said.

Accompanied by her only sibling who is also a medical technologist and her in-laws who are also MHAM graduates, she walked down the aisle with pride and honor for having been able to achieve her goal of becoming a licensed physician during the oath taking rite along with other new physicians from several medical institutions within and outside Cebu City.

Words from a SOLARIUM alumna-doctor…

Looking back, she recalled how painful it was when she and her elder sister mourned and buried their beloved father a day prior to her graduation. While the rest of her batchmates were in festive mood and in joyful moments celebrating their graduation day, Dr. Richel could not contain her sorrow with a grieving heart as she could have uttered the words, “I did it, Dad” in person. Right from the start, it was her father who supported her dreams more than a parent could provide.

SOLARIUM story from a doctor-donor…

Having been experienced the loss of loveones not just once but twice where no theories put forward to explain with the bereavement and grieving process, Dr. Richel never gave up in order to reach her dreams in the midst of challenges along with her studies. Her sister in law, Dr. Mary Ann G. Abella, also graduated with the same batch.

A family of doctors: With Dr. Richel Vida Villarubia-Abella (6th), sister in-law, Dr. Mary Ann G. Abella of SOLARIUM (5th), sister, husband & in-laws during the MHAM-led Oath Taking Ceremonies…

“I am very thankful to MHAM because we feel that each and everyone is special. We are grateful for this blessing and opportunity because the school fully believed our capacity to pass the board exam and have recognized us as a batch”, she added.

Meanwhile in a mini reunion held last week, a group of Medical Alumni paid visit to MHAM and eventually donated the same prototype of classroom chairs for the new building.

We Are MHAM: The class of 2016 new physicians

As legacy is not what is left for the morrow when the giver is gone but with what is imparted with impact for the benefit of all, the classroom chairs donated by the SOLARIUM doctors shall be used for the aspiring doctors who are still in the narrow road that leads to a noble future.

While the road to MD is paved with sacrifices, hard work and determination and often with failures, every success story from every Matias doctor is a reminder that there is nothing impossible to a willing and determined heart where at times, the road along the way can be too far to go with twists and turns. For them, there is always a room to keep going on and not to give up even if the future looks bleak at best with multiple setbacks because the taste of success will be even sweeter from a remarkable to a rewarding journey. Soar high, SOLARIUM! (Ana Liza Abao)