The greatest joy of all: My child, my pride!

The 68th Investiture and Commencement Exercises with proud parents…

Because there is no greater joy than to see a child’s success, the proud parents of Batch ILLUSTRE graduates were extremely joyful as they escorted their children who believe the beauty of their dreams during the 68th Investiture and Commencement Exercises held at Grand Pacific Ballroom, Waterfront Cebu City Hotel & Casino last June 21, 2018.

The proud parents of Batch ILLUSTRE…

Driven by an astounding commitment that the best inheritance that a parent can provide to a child is a good education, the proud parents of the one hundred seventy-one (171) graduates conferred as Doctor of Medicine truly epitomized the reality that graduation day is the shining moments of pure joy to every parent whose love knows no bounds, even without the aid of seasons.

Parents Pride: The joy of creating a noble future for their children

As the greatest sign of success in parenting is explicitly seen in every child’s fulfilled dream, the respective parents of batch ILLUSTRE together with their family members graced the illustrious event with pride and honor for their children’s success. Notably among the attendees, most of them are medical doctors.

The Instruments of Grace: Batch ILLUSTRE

Called to pursue a lifelong career with the intent to save and illumine the lives of everyone, the ILLUSTRE graduates will soon be creating another milestone in their career pathway in the residency training, research, academe and private practices, respectively.

My child, my pride!

In an interview with one of the proud parents, Mrs. Evelyn A. Salik, she was amazed at how her fourth child exercised his leadership skills in the med school. Had it not been on graduation day, the 61-year old school teacher from Maguindanao Province would have no idea of his beloved son’s performance in the Student Body.

With a proud parent, Mrs. Evelyn Salik…

Without her knowing, Dr. Datu Nur-Jhun Salik has been tagged as one of the most committed and admired governor in the Student Council with his valuable efforts in keeping the MHAM mission and projects ever alive and active with honesty and transparency during his term.

Mother & son moment: Leadership Award goes to Datu Nur-Jhun A. Salik, MD

Lauded for his selfless service, the ‘dauntless datu’, as he was fondly referred, was this year’s recipient of the Leadership Award among the ILLUSTRE doctors. Conferred with the fitting award presented by MHAM President and Chairman of the Board, Mrs. Elma Aznar Sierra; College Dean, Dr. Ma. Socorro Manaloto; and College Registrar and Chairperson of the Scholarship Committee, Dr. Luditha Lumapat-Pe, Mrs. Salik went up to the stage beaming with a mother’s pride for his son’s silent achievement.

With Mrs. Evelyn A. Salik in an interview…

“As a parent I am very happy that we have another physician in the family. His father could have been prouder than anyone even if he wasn’t able to make it to be here today. I am very proud of my son’s achievement like a surprise gift”, said a teary-eyed mother who still managed to lit up a smile from a husband’s loss who passed away months before the graduation day.

Words from a proud parent…

Joined by her eldest daughter and grandchildren who travelled from Cotabato City, Mrs. Salik also added that having been able to raised five responsible children and supported their respective profession is something that is beyond compare. Her second child is also a medical doctor.

The pride of Salik family: Datu Nur-Jhun A. Salik with his mother, elder sister, niece & nephew

To date, the Leadership Awardee is now on his Post Graduate Internship at Cotabato Regional and Medical Center with his plan to pursue into Surgery.

The ILLUSTRE doctors in fulfilling MHAMoments…

While parenting plays an important role in shaping a child’s brighter tomorrow, every child can become a precious jewel in the eyes of supportive parents who gave their all just to provide their offspring with decent and noble future.

Parenting at its finest…

Another proud father from Butuan City also expressed his pride and fulfillment for having been able to support her daughter’s dream in becoming a medical doctor. A radiologic technologist by profession, Mr. Rogracio Licayan is working in Butuan Medical Center as the chief rad tech and a part time professor in the College of Radiologic Technology. He was also working in Libya and Saudi Arabia as a rad tech for years and eventually went back to the country to be with his family.

Father knows best: Words from a proud father

His fourth child, Jill Rosette U. Licayan, is the lead researcher of a research study titled, “In Vitro Evaluation of anti-Inflammatory Activity of Ananas comosus (Pineapple) core extract by Erythrocyte Membrane Stabilisation” which was conferred as the Best Research award this year.

With Mr. Rogracio Licayan in an interview…

“I feel so happy for Jill and I feel the fulfillment of being the father of my children and of being the head of the family. I feel so proud of what my children have achieved and become. Looking back, it was only my wish to send my children in a medical school and now I already have a medical doctor. I am looking forward that she will be able to finish her post graduate internship and pass the board exam”, said Mr. Licayan in an interview.

With rad tech professor, Mr. Rogracio Licayan…

Happily married with five children, Mr. Licayan is now nearly retiring as a government rad tech. His eldest  is also a radiologic technologist; the second is a chemical engineer who is in New Zealand for his Master’s degree; the third is a biologist; the fourth is now a doctor; while the youngest is still taking up a degree on Petroleum Engineering in Palawan City.

Best in Research Award: With Mr. & Mrs. Licayan with their daughter Jill Rosette U. Licayan, MD

Joyfully joined by his beloved wife and a biologist daughter, the 63-year old father didn’t know that her daughter was one of the awardees among the ILLUSTRE graduates. For him, his daughter’s achievement is also their achievement as parents whose love and support can never be measured.

The international students with parents…

This year, some of the parents of the international student-graduates also graced the momentous event by coming to the Philippines just to witness and be present on their children’s most awaited day in their medical journey.

In pursuit of Medicine: A journey from a foreign country

For a foreign graduate from Bangkok, Thailand, graduation day was the most awaited day of her life whose dream in becoming a medical doctor has been finally fulfilled in a foreign country. For Chulalak Trikul, Cebu City has been her home away from home with memorable and productive moments in pursuit of a noble profession.

From Thailand to Philippines: Chulalak Trikul, MD with her mother

“I am very happy today because finally I made it. To me the road to MD is like a rock, indeed it is very hard but the foundation is very solid and now everything is so smooth and fulfilling”, Trikul said in a separate interview.

A family that supports each other, stays together…

Beaming with honor and gratification for what their children have achieved, the proud family and parents of batch ILLUSTRE redefined the real essence of parenthood from nurturing to raising their children to become the very person they want to be. For many of these families, the effect of parental involvement into a child’s academic performance is relatively coupled with encouragement and support from the very beginning. By allowing their dreams to take flight, they too, have invested more than valuable gems- the most precious possession to unlock the immense opportunity to save lives and beyond. (Ana Liza Abao)