State-of-the-art medical library facilities soon to open at the new MHAM campus with 24/7 service

We Are MHAM: Welcome to the 24/7 MHAM Medical Learning Commons at your service

To enhance lifelong yearning for learning among MHAM students in a new horizon of innovation, the state-of-the-art medical library facilities will soon cater the needs of the aspiring doctors at the new campus building in R. Duterte Street, Banawa, Cebu City.

In a 4,000 square-meter purchased lot by the current President and Chairman of the Board of Trustees Mrs. Elma Aznar-Sierra, the Matias H. Aznar II Memorial School of Medicine Building in honor of the founder will house the world-class study hub at the sixth floor of the new building.

MHAM Learning Commons: Welcome aboard at Cebu’s first conducive place of learning

Becoming Cebu’s first with a classy and conducive place of learning, this forefront endeavor is in partnership with C&E Publishing, Inc. with its dynamic thrust being a leading developer, publisher, and provider of globally competitive and innovative comprehensive educational resources in the country.

Welcome to the Makerspace Area

The MHAM Learning Commons operations will be extended to a 24-hour non-stop service where they can dine and discuss to cater the needs of the students for lifelong and sustainable place of learning.

Vigorous Vitalis: The MHAM Medical Library at the Redemptorist campus with the aspiring doctors

At present, the Medical Library at the Redemptorist campus provides services with its educational role in teaching and learning process between users and resources. With the growing number of students the new Learning Commons will soon provide a wide variety of learning spaces in the future.

We Are MHAM: Road to MD starts at the library

In an interview with freshman student, Venchito A. Delavin II, the 24-year old aspiring doctor who is a regular library user expressed his yearning for a favorable space during his study periods.

Batch Vitalis: With Venchito Altiche Delavin II in an interview…

“With the demands of Medicine, time management is top priority, so I have to spend as much time as possible in a quiet and conducive space during breaks to be able to catch up with the fast-paced discussions of our curriculum”, Delavin said.

Road to MD starts at the library with an aspiring doctor, Venchito A. Delavin II

With the school’s aim to invite more users who will utilize the library’s collections and services, this first year student also aims to promote the progress of knowledge by utilizing the favorable services that the library offers. “Having access to relevant and updated books is a must as these will aid in building the foundations that will help one transcend later on from being a medical student into a well-founded medical doctor”, he added.

With the aspiring doctors at the MHAM Medical Library…

A just-in-time learning space undertaking that will inevitably boost the learning experience among medical students and young professionals, to date, the backbone of the Future Server Farm powered by Fiber Optics with 3M budget has been installed at the new building. Thus, all students will soon enjoy a high range wifi with 500 fiber optic mbps with the school’s intent to provide such evolving relationship between the use of Learning Commons and the use of the internet.

Lifelong learning at the Learning Commons

While the habit of using libraries motivated with the habit of reading, libraries are important cornerstones of a well-grounded community of future medical doctors whose good study habits should be well-cultivated.

With a world-wide message that a library plays a pivotal role in every learner, today, some parts in the country are now advocating the 24/7 service to cater the needs of students especially at night with closed-circuit televisions and wifi routers. While some libraries implement a no-noontime break policy and business-like time schedule, MHAM, at the moment still observe the 8am to 8pm operating hours with a licensed medical librarian and supporting staff. Because the road to MD starts at the library, the state-of-the-art medical library facilities will soon become Cebu’s first and finest study hub where students can enjoy their coffee as caffeine and Medicine go hand in hand. (Ana Liza Abao)