Sangguniang Panlungsod honors MHAM board placer for making Cebu City proud

HONORING THE PRIDE OF CEBU: L-R (back row) Councilor David F. Tumulak, Councilor Jocelyn G. Pesquera, Councilor Margarita V. Osmeña, Councilor Sisinio M. Andales, March 2018 PLE 2nd placer Dr. Jay R. Orehuela, Vice Mayor Edgardo C. Labella, MHAM College Dean Dr. Ma. Socorro Manaloto, Councilor Mary Ann C. de los Santos, MHAM AVP for Administration Mr. Francisco B. Bacalla, MHAM HR Director Mr. Pedro Pañares, (front row) Councilor Renato Z. Osmeña Jr., Councilor Phillip S. Zafra, Councilor Pastor M. Alcover Jr., Councilor Joel C. Garganera, Councilor Eduardo R. Rama Jr., Councilor Jose C. Daluz III, Councilor Eugenio F. Gabuya Jr., Councilor Joy Augustus G. Young, Councilor Jerry L. Guardo, Councilor Alvin B. Arcilla & Councilor Raymond Alvin N. Garcia at the Cebu City Session Hall

The Sangguniang Panlungsod of Cebu City has given recognition to this year’s second placer in the Physician Licensure Examination for bringing pride and honor to the City of Cebu during its regular session at the Cebu City Session Hall last April 17, 2018 in the afternoon.

From MHAM to Cebu City Sangguniang Panlungsod with this year’s second placer in the Physician Licensure Examination, Dr. Jay R. Orehuela

Attended by sixteen city councilors presided by Vice Mayor Edgardo C. Labella, MHAM graduate-topnotcher, Dr. Jay R. Orehuela, was duly acknowledged by Councilor David F. Tumulak, Councilor Margarita V. Osmeña, Councilor Sisinio M. Andales, Councilor Raymond Alvin N. Garcia, Councilor Pastor M. Alcover Jr., Councilor Alvin B. Arcilla, Councilor Jose C. Daluz III, Councilor Mary Ann C. de los Santos, Councilor Eugenio F. Gabuya Jr., Councilor Joel C. Garganera, Councilor Jerry L. Guardo, Councilor Renato Z. Osmeña Jr., Councilor Jocelyn G. Pesquera, Councilor Eduardo R. Rama Jr., Councilor Joy Augustus G. Young and Councilor Phillip S. Zafra who were present during the regular session.

The recognition followed after the Resolution No. 14-1320-2018 passed in motion to commend and congratulate the MHAM graduate-topnotcher for the exemplary and exceptional achievement in the recent PLE.

MHAM alumnus-topnotcher, Jay Ruyeras Orehuela, MD

With the aforementioned resolution motioned by Hon. Sisinio Andales, the law-making body of Cebu City also commended MHAM through its President for the laudable accomplishment.

Since MHAM has separated from Southwestern University in 2013, five graduate-scholars under the founder’s scholarship grant have excelled in the board examinations for four consecutive years, namely: 2015 1st placer, Dr. Venil Lovely E. Bolambao; 2016 1st placer, Dr. Al Patrick C. Alajas; 2016 9th placer, Dr. Francine N. Diloy; and 2017 4th placer, Dr. Maude S. Tabigue. This year, Dr. Orehuela continued the feat.

We Are MHAM: Scholar-topnotchers for four years in a row

MHAM College Dean, Dr. Ma. Socorro Manaloto; AVP for Administration, Mr. Francisco Bacalla; and HR Director, Mr. Pedro Pañares also joined the momentous recognition in behalf of MHAM.

From MHAM to Cebu City SP: With Atty. Sisinio Andales, Dr. Ma. Socorro Manaloto, Mr. Francisco Bacalla, Mr. Pedro Pañares and Dr. Jay Orehuela

A native of Calape, Bohol who finished Doctor of Medicine as Magna Cum Laude, Dr. Jay, as he is fondly known, expressed his gratitude for having been recognized by the City Council during his privilege speech.

With this year’s 2nd placer in the March 2018 PLE, Dr. Jay R. Orehuela in his privilege speech at the Cebu City Session Hall…

Cebu’s pride: MHAM alumnus-topnotcher Dr. Jay R. Orehuela

“In behalf of my Alma Mater I would like to convey my most fervent gratitude to the City Council of Cebu for this recognition. Although I am not a Cebuano, I am a Boholano, but I feel privileged to be a recipient of this recognition and I think that this is about time to recognize the fact that Cebu has been producing topnotchers in past years and we should recognize the fact that quality medical education is being provided by medical schools in Cebu not just in Manila. As a matter of fact, it has been the fourth year that my Alma Mater has produced topnotchers, not mentioning other multiple topnotchers from Cebu med schools in the past years. I think this recognition, not only will serve to give credit to the achiever but also to inspire aspiring physicians and other professionals to excel and to bring pride to the province of Cebu”, Orehuela said.

For this 27-year old consistent achiever, Cebu City has been his home for the last four years along with significant experiences and impact on his medical journey.

Words from the achiever: Dr. Jay Ruyeras Orehuela at the Cebu City Session Hall

A magna cum laude graduate in Nursing at Holy Name University-Tagbilaran City, Dr. Orehuela also finished elementary and high school education as class valedictorian in Pangangan, Calape, Bohol. Driven by his interest that tuned into passion in health sciences even at a young age, the MHAM scholar-graduate will soon start another challenging journey in the residency training for Internal Medicine. Being the eldest among three siblings, he will be visiting his sister abroad aside from rewarding his own self from the strenuous years of medical studies. With the future most promising, he will take up Neurology as his specialization.

With the pride of Cebu: Dr. Jay R. Orehuela

Beaming with pride and honor for having consistent topnotchers in Cebu City given by the Professional Regulation Commission as well as the bar examinations by the Supreme Court, the Sangguniang Panlungsod of Cebu City has recognizes several achievers from several institutions with cash incentives given to Cebuano resident-voters only.

With Hon. Mary Ann Delos Santos, Dr. Jay Orehuela and Dr. Ma. Socorro Manaloto…

Hon. Mary Ann Delos Santos, who authored the topnotchers’ incentive ordinance has proposed an amendment weeks ago prior to the recognition to include all who graduated from Cebu City-based schools even if they are not residents or voters of Cebu City to receive cash incentives. Unfortunately, the motion did not pass by the majority of the city councilors.

Making Cebu City proud with Hon. David F. Tumulak, Hon. Jocelyn G. Pesquera, Hon. Margarita V. Osmeña, Hon. Sisinio M. Andales, Dr. Jay R. Orehuela, Vice Mayor Edgardo C. Labella, Dr. Ma. Socorro Manaloto, Hon. Mary Ann C. de los Santos, Mr. Francisco B. Bacalla, Mr. Pedro Pañares, Hon. Renato Z. Osmeña Jr., Hon. Phillip S. Zafra, Hon. Pastor M. Alcover Jr., Hon. Joel C. Garganera, Hon. Eduardo R. Rama Jr., Hon. Jose C. Daluz III, Hon. Eugenio F. Gabuya Jr., Hon. Joy Augustus G. Young, Hon. Jerry L. Guardo, Hon. Alvin B. Arcilla & Hon. Raymond Alvin N. Garcia

The recognition given by the City Council marked as another medical milestone not only for the achiever who gave glory to his Alma Mater but to the institution who consistently produced board placers for four fruitful years.

Driven by her constant support and principled commitment being the current College Dean, Dr. Manaloto could not contain her happiness upon seeing her former student-achiever who reaped the fruit of his labor.

A warmth recognition by the City Council: With the College Dean, Dr. Ma. Socorro Manaloto & MHAM pride, Dr. Jay Orehuela

“I was so happy seeing Jay who had been given a recognition and what I liked most of his speech would be he’s grateful for the recognition, grateful for the school. Gratitude is very important because when you had gratitude you will always maintain the humility”, Dr. Manaloto said.

Set to take the Hippocratic Oath on April 1, 2018, Dr. Orehuela will be joining the top ten performers in the country who will receive the honor and certificate of distinction during the Oath Taking of New Physicians by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) through the Professional Regulatory Board of Medicine in Manila with the College Dean. (Ana Liza Abao)