Mission & Vision


MHAM College of Medicine  is a leading medical institution, anchored in excellence, committed to produce globally competitive medical professionals, imbued with knowledge in research and community service.



  • Provide state-of-the-art facilities;
  • Nurture a community of competent medical experts in all fields of specialization;
  • Strengthen a research and evidence-based learning;
  • To use information technology approach to teaching;
  • To enhance learning core competencies and skills training;
  • Strengthen the practice of community-oriented and universally-accepted health care;
  • To forge linkages/partnership with government and non-government agencies in the service of the community;
  • To provide opportunities for a medical career to economically challenged but deserving students; and
  • To produce competent,  compassionate  and committed physicians.



We observe a polite behavior and courteousness, adhere to a high sense of ethical standards in the performance of our duties and responsibilities in the work place.

We act with deep admiration give due regards and high esteem to everyone.

We stand united in all endeavors and uphold the good name, honor and integrity of the institution.

We act as role model, do things that will work best in the institution and provide directions that are relevant to the needs of the time in order to fulfill our ultimate goals.

We adhere to the highest ethical code of conduct in our dealings with others, exercise our duties and responsibilities with correlative obligation to preserve human dignity.

We are impartial, reasonable, transparent and free from discrimination in the performance of our duties and responsibilities.

We pursue the highest standard of quality service in all program of engagements and undertaking to the attainment of the Vision and Mission of the institution.


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