MHAM team goes Negros Oriental for a meaningful Institutional Strategic Planning

Welcome to MHAM Institutional Strategic Planning 2018: The MHAM team at the Sierra Resort, Private Residences VIP Resort, Negros Oriental

Driven by collaborative effort where unity is strength at its finest, the MHAM team successfully held its Institutional Strategic Planning at the Sierra Resort, Private Residences VIP Resort, Lipayo, Dauin, Negros Oriental last February 24 to 25, 2018.

We Are MHAM: The MHAM team bound to Dumaguete City

Aimed to revisit the vision, mission, goals and core values of the institution, a total of thirty-eight MHAM employees composed of faculty members, administrative personnel and non-teaching staff travelled to Negros Oriental and invaded the Sierra Hotel in Dumaguete City as its first stop. Established in 2016 nestled at the very heart of the City of Gentle People’s downtown area, the Sierra Hotel with its grand and greenery-inspired ambiance is owned by the family of MHAM President and Chairman of the Board, Mrs. Elma Aznar-Sierra.

From MHAM to Dumaguete City: Invading Sierra Hotel

Well-accommodated at the Private Residences VIP Resort’s Function Room, the 2-day satisfying event was officially opened by the Dean of the College of Medicine, Dr. Ma. Socorro Manaloto in her inspiring welcome address.

“We’ll make use of our time with the hope that it should be fruitful as we visit our vision, mission, goals and core values especially with the OBE system in the Philippines that it has to be aligned even with its last instructional designs. Precisely, this Strategic Planning will be as a whole of MHAM College of Medicine, Inc. with our plans to offer some other courses”, Dr. Manaloto stated.

With the Dean of the College of Medicine, Ma. Socorro G. Manaloto, MD, FPOGS

The Outcome-Based Education (OBE), is a restructured curriculum in response to the Commission on Higher Education’s mandate that medical education should now be outcome-based as stated in Memorandum Number 18, Series of 2016.  Since the outcomes have already been specified in all the medical schools, the syllabi should be aligned to the CHED requirement.

Welcoming the participants with MHAM HR Director, Mr. Pedro Pañares…

A heartwarming acknowledgement of participants was facilitated by MHAM HR Director, Mr. Pedro Pañares, alongside with their respective designations at present.

Acknowledgement of participants…

With its anticipation of the new building in Banawa, Cebu City, the AVP for Administration, Mr. Francisco Bacalla, presented the most recent updates of the ten-storey building from parking area; vehicle exit; main entrance; mezzanine floor; elevator, diagnostic and Med Tech laboratory; animal laboratory; audio visual and Small Group Discussion (SGD) rooms, server room; Information Communication Technology office; balcony; simulation rooms; Microbiology and Parasitology Department; Clinical and Clinical Pathology Department; Pharmacology Department; Amphitheater; Anatomy Department; Anatomy and Histology Department; Learning Commons’ entrance, reception, 24/7, makerspace, and learning commons areas; Medical Technology Department; roof top; Allied Sciences; K12 area; and gymnasium area.

AVP for Administration, Mr. Francisco Bacalla with the latest updates of the new building in Banawa, Cebu City

To complete, he also divulged that the school’s Future Server Farm powered by Fiber Optics with 3M budget has been started on its backbone and will be offering a high range wifi with 100 mbps fiber optic for employees and 500 fiber optic mbps for students.

With CESO Director, Mr. Jarvis Prochina…

Beaming with pride and honor to introduce the main facilitator’s background, the Community Extension Services Office (CESO) Director, Mr. Jarvis Prochina, took the stage to pave way to Mr. Huberto Zanoria who served as the main facilitator of the 2-day event.

With the ISP facilitator, Mr. Huberto C. Zanoria…

Known by his exemplary contributions in community organizing, community development trainings and Social Work practices, Mr. Zanoria also authored various research books, projects and papers which were presented in the country and abroad. He was connected with SWU in 2002 to 2014 as the Director of the Community Extension Development and has on-going projects with 4Ps, DSWD, among others. This unrelenting father of Social Work as he is fondly considered, also rendered Technical Assistance to UNICEF-NASWEI on LGUs Capability Building in Yolanda-affected areas in Regions VI, VII, and VIII from 2014 up to present. Currently he is connected at Mandaue City College, Mandaue City, Cebu.

With the Institutional Strategic Planning facilitator, Huberto C. Zanoria, RSW, MAOD

In his lecture and heedful facilitation, Mr. Zanoria reiterated to moderate and facilitate the planning sessions not to focus on problem solving but more on the emphasis of possible scenarios of what MHAM can become twenty to thirty years from now. Thus, the MHAM vision, mission and core values that need to be revised directly centered in the counter-discussions among the participants. As agreed upon discussion, the vision has been simplified into, “MHAM is a leading educational institution that produces globally competitive professionals”.

Revisiting the vision, mission and core values session for a better MHAM…

According to Mr. Zanoria, the 2-day event was indeed productive with the school’s intent to operationalize the plans in the next five to twenty years. Having been facilitated with numerous conferences especially in the field of community organizing, he strongly believed that MHAM could become one of the leading lights among the institutions in the country if all the plans will be realized.

Interview with the Institutional Strategic Planning 2018 facilitator, Mr. Huberto C. Zanoria…

With the ISP facilitator, Huberto C. Zanoria, RSW, MAOD

“This Strategic Planning is a turning point of MHAM especially with its intent to transfer to the new building and symbolically this is a new beginning of life of MHAM College of Medicine. It was indeed productive as we lasted up to 9:00 in the evening of the first day with lots of output and we expect something out of it”, said Mr. Zanoria in an interview.

A committed Social Worker with a Masters Degree in Organization Development, this unrelenting community organizer as he is known for is also occupied with on-going EU and KALAHI projects and other foundations including RAFI and MHAM.

“We are stabilizing of the processes along with the challenges to expand to the increasing demand in health profession”, he added.

Words from the expert…

An AVP presentation as part of the institution’s success story prepared by the Information Communication Technology Department headed by Mr. Bacalla also added the flavor of the day, reminiscing the challenges, tension and deep troubles when MHAM separated from SWU in 2013.

The institution’s success story…

As cited, the potential examinees in maintaining the board topnotchers in the Physician Licensure Examination (PLE); the challenge on improving the national passing percentage with its aims to become a PAASCU-accredited school as its main objective; and the readiness for strict admission and retention among medical students were among the highlighted plans that the school needs to implement.

The participants…

As the time-consuming discussion and brainstorming on name changing of the school rooted from its plan to embrace other courses in the future, the VP for Academics, Dr. Arlene Diaz, expounded that the new juridical name of SEC is Matias H. Aznar Memorial College of Medicine, Inc. and should be retained until three years from now. She also reminded to the group to be realistic that the main ball of clients are medical students while the new courses to be offered are yet to be approved from CHED. Thus, the name Matias H. Aznar Memorial College of Medicine, Inc. must be retained at the moment.

With the VP for Academics, Dr. Arlene Diaz…

With the current Director of Dr. Jovito R. Salonga Center for Law and Development-Silliman University College of Law, Atty. Mikhael Lee L. Maxino…

Meanwhile with the plan of the college to open for Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) and Juris Doctor (J.D.) programs hopefully on the second semester this year, the current Director of Dr. Jovito R. Salonga Center for Law and Development of Silliman University College of Law, Atty. Mikhael Lee L. Maxino, graced the event with a reassuring statement as he promised the Chairperson of the Legal Education Board to make MHAM to become a performing and one of the best Law Schools in Cebu with its direction and preparation to complement the Law School with highly-qualified, exceptionally competent and brightest faculty line-up to teach in MHAM when the time comes.

“The plan is to offer both Bachelor of Laws and Juris Doctor because Ma’am Sierra has requested me to open the two programs. We received a letter from Legal Education Board which now regulates Law Schools that they can only accommodate our request to open the Law School in June 2019 but I am asking the LEB to reconsider and perhaps allow us to open in November this year. I promised the Chair and I was very proud to tell him that MHAM will probably be one of the best Law Schools in Cebu”, Atty. Maxino said.

With the incoming Dean of the College of Law Atty. Mikhael Lee L. Maxino

With the future promising, Atty. Maxino will become part of the MHAM family as he has been appointed as the incoming Dean of the College of Law. At present, MHAM is on the verge of embracing other courses in the future with its intent to offer three (3) degree programs namely; BS in Medical Technology, BS in Biology and BS in Environmental Science Major in Disaster Management.

Input session…

To complete, the presentation of Proposed Developmental Plans according to respective functions on Instruction, Research area and Publications, Learning Commons, Community Extension and Linkages, Financial Statement, Alumni Affairs, Support Services, Information Communication Technology and Guidance and Student Services lasted in the evening with all-out outputs.

Output session: Let the Proposed Developmental Plans begin

In a separate interview with the current Chairperson of the Preventive and Community Medicine (PCM) Department, Dr. Rodolfo Berame, he firmly stated that the value of every Strategic Planning with a shared goal among employees is very significant with its intent to become and what the institution wants to achieve.

With the Chairperson of the Preventive and Community Medicine Department, Dr. Rodolfo C. Berame…

“With this 2-day Strategic Planning it gives us direction on a different level with the different divisions of the school on what to come up with for the future with the ten years planning in order to improve the performance of the school”, said Dr. Berame in an interview.

Interview with the Chairperson of the PCM Department, Rodolfo C. Berame, MD

Fervor aside, this dynamic and passionate PCM Chair is also the City Health Officer in Lapu-lapu City, Cebu and is serving as a mentor for the senior clerks in the covered areas in Lapu-lapu City for three years now. “It is now our third year of giving services to the people in Lapu-lapu City through our interns and I strongly believe that our interns can be of great help in improving the health status of the community”, he added.

With Dr. Rodolfo C. Berame

While planning allows institutions to clarify and identify a common vision, Dr. Berame has been actively involved in various programs in the community particularly in helping the people whom he served to be aware and be well-informed about epidemic outbreak and its preventive measures.

“This has been my first attendance to the Strategic Planning of MHAM but being the City Health Officer for quite a long time I have been exposed to Strategic Planning in order to give us direction or guide for our projects, programs and performance to improve”, he concluded.

Awarding the certificate of appreciation to the facilitator…

During the closing session, Dr. Diaz urged the team to revisit the Vision-Mission towards the action plan and modify it as one college for a concrete direction as MHAM moves forward. She also expressed her gratitude to Mr. Zanoria for his intellectual facilitation during the 2-day event with a certificate of appreciation.

With the President and Chairman of the Board, Mrs. Elma Aznar-Sierra…

With the presence of the President and Chairman of the Board, Mrs. Elma Aznar-Sierra, the signifying event ended with a sense of commitment and competence on moving forward for a better MHAM.

Invading Sierra Hotel with Mrs. Elma Aznar-Sierra

Before the group went back to Cebu, they invaded the Sierra Hotel in Dumaguete City with a sumptuous lunch and a take home message that the MHAM spirit as a second home should shine with quality-based and timely outcomes by providing quality services to the clients. (Ana Liza Abao)

The MHAM Institutional Strategic Planning Team