MHAM successor celebrates another year of thanksgiving with unwavering vision towards a life-fulfilling legacy

MHAM successor’s birthday bash: The Sierra family during the celebration of another life surrounded by friends and loveones

With a sense of purpose and commitment in keeping the founder’s legacy, the MHAM President and Chairman of the Board, Mrs. Elma Aznar Sierra, celebrated another year and another gift of life with her beloved family members and friends at the Cervantes Room, Casino Español de Cebu, V. Ranodo St., Cebu City last March 18, 2018 in the morning.

The successor’s family members and friends…

Marking her 74th year of grace with gratitude to the Giver of Gifts, the visionary and youngest daughter of Don Matias Hipolito Aznar II was delightfully-surrounded by her beloved spouse, two sons, daughter in-law and three grandchildren aside from respective guests and friends.

Birthday prayers for the celebrant led by Rev. Edgar Sibonga and Rev. Nolan Diaz…

Started with a special intercession for the birthday celebrant officiated by Rev. Edgar Sibonga and Rev. Nolan Diaz, the attendees and invited guests joined together in prayer for longer, blissful and fulfilling years to come.

Special intercessions for the celebrant…

Gracing this year’s natal get-together includes the MHAM consultants, administration, department chairmen and some non-teaching employees who stand united and uphold the commission to the successor’s vision to continue her father’s undying commitment in keeping the vision, mission, values and goals of the institution.

Celebrating the successor-educator’s birthday bash with the MHAM family and friends…

The celebration was also timely in relevance to this year’s signifying success as another scholar-graduate placed on the second spot among the ten highest places in the March 2018 Physician Licensure Examination. The feat, for four years in a row, signifies its medical excellence with exemplary performances among MHAM graduates since MHAM separated from SWU in 2013 where the rest is a significant history to be retold.

Inspiring AVP for the celebrant…

To add a flavorful touch for a worth-remembering birthday celebration, an entertaining and inspiring video presentation completed the gathering with notable greetings from the MHAM employees and students.

Mrs. Elma Aznar Sierra in her 74th year of grace with family and loveones…

“Thank you very much for the presentation and for coming over and it’s really a pleasure to see all of you to join me in my birthday. I know that I am not getting any younger but I hope that by next year everything will be happy again”, said the 74-year old grateful celebrant.

The MHAM successor-educator in her 74th birthday bash…

Having been blessed to have multiple support from those who truly loved her, Mrs. Sierra is literally more-than-thrilled from the enduring support from her life partner through the years, no other than the man of action over words, Mr. Santiago Sierra Sr.

Interview with Mr. Santiago V. Sierra Sr.

In an interview with Mr. Sierra during the felicitous celebration, he divulged that her wife who envisioned and started MHAM to stand up on its own is a dedicated worker aside from being a loving wife and mother. For him, Mrs. Sierra is immeasurably more than all he ask for.

Words from the celebrant’s beloved spouse, Mr. Santiago V. Sierra Sr.

“The way I looked at it she is very happy as she started MHAM and she is very serious about it. To me she is everything. She’s a good wife, she’s a good mother, and she’s a good worker”, Sierra said.

Couple through the years: MHAM successor-educator Mrs. Elma A. Sierra & Mr. Santiago V. Sierra Sr.

Vowed to take care of each other and to grow old together through thick and thin, the Sierra couple also owned a greenery home-inspired hotel nestled at the very heart of Dumaguete City’s downtown area named Sierra Hotel aside from a tropical resort known as Private Residence VIP Resort in Lipayo, Dauin, Negros Oriental.

A day with the President and Chairman of the Board…

Meanwhile a stunningly smart 7-year old Victoria Marie Olano Sierra could not contain her happiness in the purest yet simplest thoughts for her beloved ‘Nana’ whom she defined as the best grandma in the whole wide world.

In the eyes of a child: With Victoria Marie Olano Sierra in an interview

“I love my Nana very much and we all love her. I would say that everybody loves her. The food was yummy and I am happy to be here as her granddaughter”, said the youngest grandchild.

With the celebrant’s youngest grandchild, little Miss Victoria Marie O. Sierra…

This beauty and brainy first grader is the youngest daughter of MHAM Board of Trustee, Mr. Victorio A. Sierra and VP for Administration, Mrs. Izarzuri O. Sierra.

Words from the youngest among the rest…

Facilitated by HR Director, Mr. Pedro U. Pañares, the remarkable gathering with remarkable people who celebrated with delight coupled with Casino Español de Cebu’s signature and delectable cuisines made the celebration more meaningful and eventful.

The visionary of all times: Mrs. Elma Aznar Sierra in her memorable birthday bash

As the founder’s legacy in building the temple of learning is passed to the daughter, today, MHAM in its most striving way to produce globally competent yet morally grounded physicians takes pride of its modest beginnings yet fruitful by-product rooted from the successor’s commitment and determination in the midst of bittersweet and challenging times. Had it not been on the unwavering support and life-fulfilling vision of Mrs. Elma Aznar Sierra, MHAM, as a service-oriented educational institution could have been gone with the wind like a shadow of an unknown road and a long-lost traveller laid-back with shattered and broken dreams. (Ana Liza Abao)