MHAM student-leader sits as the National Executive Vice President in the APMC Student Network

MHAM student-leader and APMC-SN National Executive Vice President-elect, William C. Tiu Jr.

Having been elected into the national seat in the recently concluded Association of Philippine Medical Colleges-Student Network (APMC-SN) 51st National Convention, MHAM student-leader, William C. Tiu Jr. made history as he was voted for National Executive Vice President among other aspiring doctors in the country held at the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila College of Medicine last February 8, 2018.

With MHAM student-leader, William C. Tiu Jr.

An incoming junior clerk who had served in the Student Council as its External Vice President for the academic year 2017-2018, Tiu also served as the Visayas Regional Organizational Development Committee Chair and MHAM representative to the APMC-SN of the same year. Among his compelling contribution and exemplary service in the Student Council and in the APMC-SN Visayas includes the record-breaking “Juan Blood, Juan Life” Blood Donation Drive two months ago with two hundred (200) bags of blood units being collected among Matias donors within the school campus in just a single day.

Last year, another MHAM-pioneered life saving project broke its record in the APMC-SN National Blood Drive dubbed as “Abuno 2017”, with one hundred ninety-nine (199) bags of blood participated by two hundred fifty-nine MHAM students who patiently-waited their turns in answering the call to give hope for those who have battled and won and to those still fighting for life. Such signifying event was led by the new National Executive Vice President  with another student-leader, Andrea Marie Tortugo. To date, the APMC-SN Visayas Region will once again receive the “Juan Climaco Award” from the Department of Health Region 7 for its region-wide blood letting project in the Abuno 2017 conducted last September 2017.

MHAM SC External Vice President/Representative to the APMC-SN & Visayas Regional Organizational Development Committee Chair 2017-2018

The first Cebuano to hold the aforementioned position in the national level, Tiu is set to begin his term on June 1 this year with the rest of the national officers who will lead the network for a stronger APMC.

Interview with the APMC-SN National Executive Vice President-elect

In an interview with the National Executive Vice President-elect, Tiu pointed out that leadership does not depend on one’s location but the willingness to serve for a greater cause can create a difference.

“Generally the President and the Vice Executive both come from NCR. This time it’s very rare and it is something to watch out for, on how it will affect the dynamics. Most of the time the direction of the organization is based on their likes but this time it’s gonna be different because with me there is already a voice for the region. When it comes to project, when it comes to conventions, at least we already have a voice. Leadership is not dependent on your location. Being a national organization, the APMC-SN ideally should be representative of all the regions. Although each region has a Regional Vice President, it is really different that the higher officers also come from other regions”, Tiu said.

The national officers of the APMC-SN 2018-2019 during the Oath of Office…

With this year’s National Executive VP in the APMC-SN…

The 24-year old registered nurse who took the oath of office the day after he was elected has been an active leader since he was in elementary up to present. His leadership skills have been developed at the Ateneo de Cebu Sacred Heart School where he attended grade school to high school. Tiu’s positions ever held were reflections of his achievements as an active leader. “When I entered Med, I wanted to focus on studies because I had my fare share on leadership and I believe that there are other good leaders who can lead. But having been elected as the class President during my first year in MHAM after the President-elect step down at the middle of the year, I had been involved in the Student Council to APMC. It was never my intention to run for a national position but there were times that the regional voices cannot be heard. We felt that there is really a need to give an opportunity to someone else outside NCR. I only really decided to run when I felt that the entire Visayas was supporting me. True enough, during the election day, my votes were solid because all the medical schools in Visayas voted for me”, he added.

National Executive Vice President-elect in the APMC-SN 2018-2019, William C. Tiu Jr.

Prior to the general elections, a meeting de avance took place where the candidates were given the chance to present their platforms and project proposals. What made the other regions the opportunity to know him was during the open forum where majority of the questions were directed towards the MHAM student-leader because they do not know him yet.

Just like any other election that a candidate should get the majority of the votes to take the win, this year’s National Executive Vice Presidency’s race turned out to be historically close in its sense, so close that Tiu and his opponent from Ateneo de Manila University got tie votes during the first round of voting. Interestingly obtained, the constitution of APMC-SN states that in an event of a tie the group must re-vote, thus, a re-election took place. This time, the two leaders have similar number of votes for the second time. As followed, a tie-breaking constitutional rule wherein the provision says that in an event of a second tie the winner will be decided by a coin toss. Fate as it was, it was in Tiu’s favor.

With MHAM aspiring doctor and leader for life, William Tiu Jr.

“I don’t plan on creating big projects for they aren’t long lasting, rather I want to create avenues to create communication. If I am able to start good communication and good relationship with all the regions it will continue throughout the years. This year, the Association of Philippine Medical Colleges Student Network’s Annual Planning and Evaluation Seminar (PLEVSEM) will be held in Cebu which will happen again for the last five years. In a way it will be very significant with Cebu as a whole because APMC-SN has been founded here in Cebu. PLEVSEM, on the other hand, was also founded here. To complete, this has been the first time that a Cebuano will be taking over as the Vice President Executive in the national level. With the time I had, I believe I can create enough long lasting projects”, he concluded.

Challenged to become the bearer of hope for the medical schools in the region as its voice in the national seat, Tiu will be the first Cebuano student to become a national officer for almost twenty-five years in the APMC Student Network. Ever relentless to continue the legacy of effective service that runs in his blood coupled with his capability to lead, this MHAM student-leader aims to empower and create more leaders not just in the school premises but in the community. (Ana Liza Abao)