MHAM stages fun-filled year-ender with glitters

Year-ender memoirs of 2017: Christmas Glitters in MHAM

What a way to end the year!

A sparkling year-end celebration dubbed as “Christmas Glitters in MHAM” completed the remarkable events of 2017 with its annual Christmas celebration held last December 15, 2017 at AVRs 3, 4 and 5 from 12:00 noon to 4:30 in the afternoon.

A total of one hundred twenty-seven MHAM employees composed of faculty-doctors, administrative personnel, non-teaching and support staff, security guards, public attendants and guests joined the glittering and fun-filled way to end the year.

A year-end photo op with the MHAM President and Chairman of the Board, Mrs. Elma Aznar-Sierra…

Started with a prayer and blessing led by one of the guests, President of Immanuel Bible College Rev. Wenifredo Capapas, a sumptuous lunch have nourished both bodies and souls to all attendees with the message of hope that coming together is a beginning, staying together is a progress, and working together is priceless simply because We are MHAM.

Christmas Glitters in MHAM: The mavens of the field with Mrs. Elma Aznar-Sierra

The program was delightedly opened with an inspirational invocation rendered by Dr. Ted Marcerey Gallo and Dr. Arne Evange Mendoza followed by a Christmas message by Dr. Arlene Diaz.

President and Chairman of the Board, Mrs. Elma Aznar-Sierra in her inspirational message…

In her inspirational message, President and Chairman of the Board Mrs. Elma Aznar-Sierra, expressed her gratitude to all service-oriented employees who filled the year with dedication and team work for a better MHAM.

“For the past year, MHAM has been faced with many challenges but  overcome them because of the team work and dedication of the administration, faculty, staff, and the support of our partners. For that, I would like to note that we appreciate all your effort and MHAM is forever grateful of your exemplary performance and dedication. I hope you remain steadfast with the new challenges that await us when we transfer to Banawa”, said the successor-educator.

Successor-educator Mrs. Elma Aznar-Sierra

A singing and impersonation of celebrities’ competition, the “Wanna Be” contest, which was one of the highlights of the Christmas party made the celebration more entertaining and delightful.

“Wanna Be” winner from the General Services Department

Judged by Dr. Ted Marcerey Gallo, Dr. Arne Evange Mendoza and Dr. Jan Michael Lao, the General Services Department was proclaimed this year’s winner with their titanic-themed entry.

Let the games begins…

Facilitated by Dr. Arvisminda Luz Ladiao of the Department of Internal Medicine, an engaging and interactive parlor games filled the celebration with fun along with different prizes. Turning simple moments into lasting events, the most-awaited raffle draw portion from minor to major prizes created a fun-thrilled atmosphere where each had a wishful yearning to receive the major prizes including a microwave, turbo broiler, two sets of washing machine, two sets of refrigerator and an LG LED television set as the grand major prize. Nonetheless, everybody went home with individual gifts taken from the raffle draws facilitated by Dr. Ma. Socorro Manaloto, Dr. Arlene Diaz, Dr. Axel Elises, Dr. Vanessa Nery-Fajardo and Dr. Dale Pasco.

Major prizes winners

The MHAM Multipurpose Cooperative also sponsored ten lucky winners of Php 500.00 each in cash aside from individual gift bags as Christmas presents to all employees.

MHAM Campus Safety & Security Department (top) and General Services Department (bottom) with the President and Chairman of the Board Mrs. Elma Aznar-Sierra…

This year, a photo booth experience also added the memorable year-ender celebration with heartwarming and compelling message that indeed, 2017 has been a remarkable year.

CHRISTMAS glitters in MHAM: Photo Booth MHAMoments

Hosted by Dr. Dale Pasco and Dr. Virgette Gay Mollaneda-Diomampo, the Christmas celebration ended with a thanksgiving prayer led by Dr. Ted Marcerey Gallo.

With event-hosts, Dr. Dale Pasco and Dr. Virgette Gay Mollaneda-Diomampo…

Bringing the joy and fun as one MHAM family, the glittering Christmas celebration was a signifying expression of unity and team work not just in the season of love and of gift-giving but in a season where good times come and go but the memories will last for a lifetime. (Ana Liza Abao)

Memoirs of MHAM Christmas Party 2017