MHAM sends delegates to the 51st APMC Annual Convention

From MHAM to Intramuros: A hearty dining with the MHAM delegates to the Association of Philippine Medical Colleges-Student Network (APMC-SN) 51st National Convention 2018

The MHAM team once again participated this year’s Association of Philippine Medical Colleges (APMC) national gathering on the occasion of its 51st Annual Convention held at the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila College of Medicine, Intramuros, Manila last Febuary 7 to 9, 2018.

This year, the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila College of Medicine hosted the 3-day annual convention with its theme, “Medical Education In Challenging Times” with its conjoined APMC-SN theme of the year, “Linang: Shaping Physicians To Respond To Challenging Times”.

We Are MHAM: With 2017-2018 SC Governor, Louie Angelo Lopez; College Dean, Dr. Ma. Socorro Manaloto & 2017-2018 SC External Vice President/Representative to the APMC-SN & Visayas Regional Organizational Development Committee Chair, William Tiu Jr.

As one of the APMC member schools, MHAM sent eleven student-delegates for this year’s convention namely; Keren Eulyna Bicar, Mel Karl Sabal, William Tiu Jr., Kim Michael Pabatang, Amy Therese Cabatana, Dhaval Makwana, Carol Tobes, Louie Angelo Lopez, Amer Hussain Domado, Andrea Marie Tortugo and Florence Gene Ang.

MHAM student-delegates: (L-R) Mel Karl Sabal, Florence Gene Ang, William Tiu Jr., Keren Eulyna Bicar, Amer Hussain Domado, Andrea Marie Tortugo, Carol Tobes, Kim Michael Pabatang, Dhaval Makwana, Amy Therese Cabatana & Louie Angelo Lopez (center)

MHAM College Dean, Dr. Ma. Socorro Manaloto; Chief of Clinics, Dr. Axel Elises; Department of Physiology Chairman, Dr. Rainelda Veloso; Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology Chairman, Dr. Marilou Viray; Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology Chairman, Dr. Donny Jay Yu; Department of Anatomy and Histology Faculty, Dr. Julius Ceasar Eboa; and Department of Anatomic and Clinical Pathology Faculty, Dr. Abelardo Alera were among the faculty-representative during the annual gathering among APMC member schools.

MHAM mavens for a stronger APMC: (L-R) Dr. Donny Jay Yu, Dr. Rainelda Veloso, Dr. Marilou Viray, Dr. Ma. Socorro Manaloto; Dr. Abelardo Alera, Dr. Julius Ceasar Eboa & Dr. Axel Elises

As her first year to join the annual convention being the College Dean, Dr. Manaloto divulged that MHAM student-leader William Tiu Jr. vied for the national seat in the APMC-SN and he won. Tiu will be the first MHAM and Cebuano student who will take over as the Executive Vice President in the national level.

With the current College Dean, Dr. Ma. Socorro Manaloto in an interview…

“I am so happy when we were introduced and acknowledged by schools in alphabetical order because MHAM is no longer at letter ‘S’ and we were at ‘M’ at last”, Dr. Manaloto said with a grin, referring it to the name-dropping of Southwestern University.

Dynamic Dean: Ma. Socorro G. Manaloto, MD, FPOGS

As amended by law, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has granted and approved the school’s application to change its name last July 13, 2017 and Matias H. Aznar Memorial College of Medicine (MHAM CM, Inc.), formerly Southwestern University-Matias H. Aznar Memorial College of Medicine, Inc. has been finally renamed with its distinct and separate juridical personality.

Words from the Dean…

Dr. Manaloto, who took over as the Dean of the College of Medicine after she was officially installed during the 67th Investiture and Commencement Exercises last year, also cited that APMC has been patterned from the American Association of Medical Colleges with its aim to coordinate the affiliation of the various medical schools’ undergraduate course requirements including the Post Graduate Internship (PGI) programs. Today, all the activities have been channeled through the association.

“APMC as an association is neither a controlling nor an accrediting body but it is mandatory for all medical schools in the Philippines to apply for membership”, she added.

With the College Dean, Dr. Ma. Socorro G. Manaloto…

Among the highlights during the APMC National Convention 2018 include the Opening Ceremonies, Cultural Tour, Amazing Race, National Medical Students Research Competition and National Clinico-Pathologic Conference, Breakout Sessions, Academic Competitions and Socials Night.

With MHAM student-delegate to the APMC-SN, Carol M. Tobes…

Meanwhile incoming junior clerk and student-scholar, Carol M. Tobes, shared her experiences as one of the student-delegates who participated this year’s national convention.

Words from the APMC-SN NatCon 2018 delegate, Carol M. Tobes…

“The APMC-SN NATCON was a signifying event to medical students all over the Philippines to interact to one another as the association facilitates conventions that are timely and informative to us, students. Meeting other people and developing the attitude on how to adapt to different types of people aside, the APMC also provides various activities and seminars that are up to date and allows us to see the real situations of the life of a doctor”, 27-year old Tobes said in a separate interview.

With MHAM student-scholar, Carol M. Tobes in an interview…

MHAM student-scholar, Carol M. Tobes…

A consistent dean’s lister who is also part of the MHAM Scholars Society for the academic year 2017-2018, Tobes stated that her participation gave her the experience to attend the seminar on Post Graduate Internship as one of the hallmark of the activities. “The seminar on PGI has given us the idea in choosing the best hospital as it matters on how you will be able to form yourself as a good doctor. Choosing the right hospital for the internship must be reflected and decided carefully with its pros and cons and impact”, she added.

Challenged to exemplify the true spirit of being a MHAM maven-to-be in the medical field under the scholarship grant, Carol, as she is fondly called, also had her shares of sleepless nights and sacrifices just like a typical aspiring doctor.

Matias future maven: Carol M. Tobes

“Balancing time when you have a lot to study is not easy. I have to balance it knowing what to prioritize. I have to sacrifice hours of sleepless nights to finish all the readings that I have to do. I took up Medicine for my parents. They are the ones who pushed me as they believed that I have the capability to become a good doctor. Becoming a doctor also gives you the opportunity to create changes in someone else’s life. As doctors save lives it is worth all the struggles and grueling moments in med school”, she concluded.

APMC-SN Annual Convention moments with the student-delegates…

Apparently empowering, the MHAM student-delegates went home with fascinating experiences apart from fostering good rapport to other medical students in the country for a stronger APMC-SN. The convention ended with the passing of torch for the next year’s host where all the member schools will convene once again to promote an active role for students in the development of medical education in the midst of challenging times. (Ana Liza Abao)