MHAM sends Anatomy and Histology faculty members to the Annual Convention and National Summit of the Philippine Society of Anatomists

35th Annual Convention & 1st National Summit of the Philippine Society of Anatomists, Inc.

To promote professional growth and extends medical knowledge through its continuing yearly gathering, two full time MHAM faculty-doctors participated the 35th Annual Convention of the Philippine Society of Anatomists, Inc. held at Our Lady of Fatima University in Valenzuela City, Metro Manila last December 1 to 2, 2017.

Dr. Julius Ceasar Eboa and Dr. Flora Cabrera of the Department of Anatomy and Histology were among the anatomists in the country who shared together for a common aspiration in the field of Anatomy which also commenced its 1st National Summit with its theme, “Paradigm Shift in the Methods of Teaching Anatomy in the Next Millennium”.

According to Dr. Julius Ceasar Eboa, all the medical schools in the Philippines were invited to present the method of teaching in Anatomy and Cebu was well-represented by CDU, UV and MHAM, however, only the latter was able to deliver the presentation.

A total of one hundred three faculty-anatomists graced the 2-day convention.

From MHAM to Manila: Dr. Julius Ceasar Eboa and Dr. Flora Cabrera during the 35th Annual Convention & 1st National Summit of the Philippine Society of Anatomists, Inc.

“Basically the topic was centered on the paradigm shift whether to still use cadavers for Anatomy dissection or shift to new technological and latest trends in teaching Anatomy. However, the general consensus regarding teaching Anatomy among other medical schools still remains to do with cadaver dissection, thus, nothing has changed with the conventional way”, Dr. Eboa said in an interview.

With MHAM Department of Anatomy & Histology faculty, Julius Ceasar V. Eboa, MD

In addition, an election of the new set of board members in the national level took place at the end of the session with sixteen nominees including MHAM. Eventually, MHAM got one seat as Dr. Eboa was elected as a member in the national board of the Philippine Society of Anatomists, Inc.

Interview with Dr. Julius Ceasar V. Eboa…

“Part of our commitment is to foresee that the society will continue as it is, to promote teaching of Anatomy in all other areas and to encourage other non-members yet to be included in the society. The society  does not only include purely Gross Anatomy but all the other sub-sections like Histology and Neuro Anatomy under the Anatomy Department for a better society”, he added.

Furthermore, this board member-elect also divulged that another gathering will convene on March this year to be followed with series of quarterly meetings, a school-based quarterly convention to be sponsored by the different component members of the society.

Dr. Julius Ceasar Eboa and Dr. Flora Cabrera with co-anatomists in the region during the 35th Annual Convention & 1st National Summit of the Philippine Society of Anatomists, Inc.

“It was good to note that MHAM was represented in the national meeting, so timely and favorable as I got the opportunity and announced to everyone during my talk that MHAM has been finally renamed in its juridical identity granted by SEC. On the other hand, one of the highlights of the focused discussion was the procurement of cadavers which has been the biggest problem faced by the medical schools in the country in general. However, it’s never a problem with MHAM knowing that St. Francis Funeral is always there”, Dr. Eboa concluded with a grin.

With MHAM Department of Anatomy & Histology faculty, Julius Ceasar V. Eboa, MD

St. Francis Funeral Homes, being one of the giants of the funeral industry in Cebu City is a close family-owned memorial business ventured by MHAM VP for Academics, Dr. Arlene Diaz. Unlike other medical institutions, MHAM has no problem in acquisition of eight cadavers every year because of the support of St. Francis’ sustaining services with favorable amount of unclaimed dead bodies being utilized as a specimen for Anatomy dissection among first year medical students.

Actual cadaver dissection with the MHAM first year students at the Anatomy and Neuro Anatomy Laboratory…

Now common in medical institutions around the globe, proper funerals for cadavers with certain rituals have stayed the same from the last few decades.

For several years now, MHAM has traditionally given the cadavers their final respect at the end of the year by giving them Christian rites and proper burial. A Holy Mass is celebrated at the beginning and end of the year in honor of the souls of the dissected cadavers.

MHAM aspiring doctors: Team Vitalis during the cadaver dissection…

As for cadaver dissection, the Philippines is still practicing with great respect to the bodies of the dead by giving them spiritual rituals unlike other countries wherein a community can sign an agreement with the medical schools to donate the dead bodies for medical purposes.

In a separate interview with Dr. Flora D. Cabrera, she delightfully shared that the annual gathering served as a venue to foster rapport and good camaraderie among the members of the society in its thrust and undertaking towards the new and latest trends in the method of teaching Anatomy in the next millennium.

Interview with the MHAM Department of Anatomy & Histology faculty, Flora D. Cabrera, MD

“Cadaveric dissection in Anatomy will gain a first hand appreciation of human life and gain of practical skills such as appreciation of human body. The best way to teach modern Anatomy is by multimedia pedagogical resources and other teaching modalities to compliment one another such as virtual 3-dimensional images and plastinated models as resources”, said Dr. Cabrera.

In its unyielding commitment to improve the practices that affect students’ success and lifelong learning, MHAM never ceases to send and support the faculty members to be part of national and international conventions and gatherings among other medical doctors in order to help improve their teaching skills with competence and expertise as MHAM mavens of the field. (Ana Liza Abao)