MHAM produces 171 instruments of grace in the 68th Investiture and Commencement Exercises

Batch ILLUSTRE: The instruments of grace

Keeping a roster of committed line-up of faculty anchored in excellence and professionalism in the field of medicine, MHAM has produced one hundred seventy-one (171) graduates conferred as Doctor of Medicine in the 68th Investiture and Commencement Exercises held at Grand Pacific Ballroom, Waterfront Cebu City Hotel & Casino last June 21, 2018 at 1:00 in the afternoon to 6:30 in the evening.

Baccalaureate Mass 2018…

Challenged to celebrate a meaningful life with untiring zeal and effort to become a blessing to others, Rev. Fr. Daniel Elemia of the Salesians of Don Bosco reminded the graduates to become salt of the earth and light of the world to create a difference in the life of others during the baccalaureate mass.

ILLUSTRE: With goals within reach & dreams on the spotlight

Coming together as a batch with a lifelong pledge to become the instruments of grace, the new graduates from Batch ILLUSTRE illuminated another medical milestone as they marched the processional aisle beaming with pride and honor in fulfilling their dreams on the spotlight.

Welcome to the 68th Investiture and Commencement Exercises…

Glowing with grace and delight as MHAM mentors and professors over the years, thirty-one mavens of the field composed of department chairpersons, faculty members and marshalls graced the momentous event together with the President and Chairman of the Board, Mrs. Elma Aznar-Sierra.

The MHAM mavens…

As one solid batch driven to help rebuild and illumine the lives of others, the class of 2018 is bound to become illustrious and become one’s inspiration wherever they may be in the mission field. ILLUSTRE, which comes from the latin word ‘illustris’, means to shine brightly and glow with light.

ILLUSTRE mentors & professors…

Having been pursued with the high ethical standard of quality service in the performance of their duties and uphold the good name of the institution that molded their medical journey, the class of 2018 took the spotlight and celebrated their achievement for surpassing the four challenging years in med school.

We Are MHAM: Keeping the roster of excellent faculty members

This year, March 2018 Physician Licensure Examination 2nd placer, Dr. Jay R. Orehuela, graced the event with his inspirational talk while Dr. Carlito Astillero led the pledge of loyalty to Alma Mater.

The academic procession…

An awardee with high scholastic performance, Jonavel Yrogirog, led the petition of hooding followed with the presentation of candidates facilitated by the college dean, Dr. Ma. Socorro Manaloto.

Petition of hooding with Jonavel R. Yrogirog, MD

The conferral of degree, distribution of diploma and awarding of honors and citations highlighted the 5-hour graduation rites attended by the proud family, relatives, sponsors, and friends of the new graduates.

Presentation of candidates for graduation with MHAM College Dean, Ma. Socorro Manaloto, MD, FPOGS

Inspired by the byword that choice, not chance, determines one’s destiny, the outstanding graduates received their respective awards accompanied by their proud parents and family members. This year’s awardees with High Scholastic Performance were Jonavel R. Yrogirog and Jereel Hope R. Bacon. Yrogirog was also awarded with the Most Outstanding Clerk in Community Medicine.

High Scholastic Performance Awardees: Jonavel R. Yrogirog and Jereel Hope R. Bacon with parents

Rarely but befittingly, Ryann Jeb V. Cardeño was commended with two awards; Most Outstanding Clerk in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics.

Most Outstanding Clerk in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics: Ryann Jeb V. Cardeño with parents

For the Most Outstanding Clerk in Obstetrics and Gynecology, Aileen I. Cotejo received her award with her proud parents.

Most Outstanding Clerk in Obstetrics and Gynecology: Aileen I. Cotejo with parents

Known by his exemplary leadership in the Student Body and as a selfless student leader, Datu Nur-Jhun A. Salik was lauded with cheers when he received the Leadership Award with her beloved mother. His deceased father, who was even more excited to be present on his youngest child’s graduation day to become the second medical doctor among his children, wasn’t able to make it when he passed away months ago prior to the most awaited day.

Leadership Award: Datu Nur-Jhun A. Salik with his mother

Beaming with pride for having been able to produce research winners in the regional and national competitions, the Research Department under the direction of Dr. Jose Oclarit also commended the “In Vitro Evaluation of anti-Inflammatory Activity of Ananas comosus (Pineapple) core extract by Erythrocyte Membrane Stabilisation” as the Best Research award.

Best in Research: Jill Rosette U. Licayan, Rea Cristy B. Guardados, Gem Marie B. Pasahingue & Maria Erica A. Sollano with parents

Thus, lead researcher, Jill Rosette U. Licayan with members Rea Cristy B. Guardados, Gem Marie B. Pasahingue and Maria Erica A. Sollano received the Best in Research award together with their respective parents.

Excellence starts with execellent MHAM mavens of the field…

More emotional than most, this year’s awarding of honors and citations ceremonies became bittersweet as emotions were felt when Amy Therese G. Cabataña, the Most Outstanding Clerk in General Surgery, was awarded posthumously.

A consistent top student who could have been a competent doctor in the future, Cabataña’s untimely earthly passing shocked everyone when she was seen lifeless in May 15, 2018 from a gruesome murder. Pierced with pain yet overwhelmed by the support from her Alma Mater, her two aunts Chona Flores and Mariley Guire, accepted the Posthumous Award where the 171 batchmates stood and applauded the honoring moment of a dearly beloved.

Most Outstanding Clerk for General Surgery: Posthumous Award for Amy Therese G. Cabataña

Moreover, gracing the event with his most promising and eloquent speech was Dr. Jay R. Orehuela whose presence made the event more meaningful in his inspirational talk. The MHAM topnotcher, who went above and beyond what the other examinees did in the March 2018 Physician Licensure Examination by garnering just a 0.18% from the top 1 spot, reminded the graduates this year to be kind to everyone because in life someone may fight for too many battles that one may know nothing about.

Commencement speaker of the year: With MHAM alumnus-topnotcher, Jay R. Orehuela, MD

A non-conventional speaker as he is known, this year’s commencement speaker once again expressed his undying gratitude to his Alma Mater for having provided him the opportunity to have a free education under a full scholarship grant during his time. Forever grateful, to him, MHAM is like a family.

Words from the Top 2: With Dr. Jay R. Orehuela in his inspirational talk

“In life we fight too many battles, some of which we come victorious and in countless times, we may not. Personally I’ve realized that sometimes you need to be picky in the battles that you get into and whenever I go to a battle it’s either I am fully prepared, I am prepared or underprepared but never or rarely unprepared. I guess I am making this statement because this is my classy way of making an excuse of coming unprepared for the speech because I just came from a 48-hour tour of duty from my moonlighting stint. In our work as doctors, we are exposed constantly to stress and we see death every day. We see dying, we see illness, we see despair, and in rare moments like this we see joys and we should all take pride in. I have never realized that I’ll be standing here one day as a proud alumnus of MHAM. I would like to congratulate to all of you and what is conferred to you right now is not just an educational degree. What is conferred to you, in your very plates, in your very hands is the immense opportunity and understand human life from a scientific stand point and to save lives using that knowledge. Congratulations for belonging to a noble profession whose major intent is to save lives”, said the commencement speaker.

Honoring the MHAM topnotcher-speaker with pride…

Talking to a thousand audience who wowed his inspiring message of hope to become great if one aims to, Dr. Jay centered his speech that matters most to the graduates who will be taking the Physician Licensure Examination after their Post Graduate Internship. Valuable at its finest, he focused on the areas that have significant barring in passing the board exam with applicable study tips and advices that a topnotcher could share.

Parents Pride…

Meanwhile the installation and turnover ceremonies took place as former VP for Academics, Dr. Arlene Diaz, formally passed the responsibilities to Dr. Roy Entienza who was designated as the new VP for Academics for the College of Medicine.

We Are MHAM: With former VP for Academics, Dr. Arlene Diaz, VP for Academics-designate, Dr. Roy Entienza & President and Chairman of the Board, Mrs. Elma A. Sierra during the installation and turnover ceremonies

With the new designation,  Dr. Diaz will become the new VP for Academics for the MHAM COLLEGE INC., becoming the new MHAM company with its own juridical identity as the institution has applied new degrees to be offered under the Allied Courses, Medical Technology and School of Law with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) approval.

Honoring the new VP for Academics…

Hosted by Dr. Chamberlain Agtuca of the Anatomic and Clinical Pathology Department and HR Director, Mr. Pedro Pañares, the graduation rites were also faciliated by the AVP for Administration, Mr. Francisco Bacalla and Community Extension Services Office (CESO) Director, Mr. Jarvis Prochina. The medical clerks also assisted the remarkable event among the new Matias products.

With the MHAM medical clerks…

Standing with dignity and honor carrying the legacy to save the human race, the ILLUSTRE doctors sang their composed graduation song titled, “Instruments of Grace” with their lifelong pledge to always choose to be kind than to be right even if they will be caught up in the crossroads of life.

ILLUSTRE: The Instruments of Grace

Moving forward and beyond, the College of Medicine by the numbers will continue to grow as a medical institution anchored in excellence with its core to produce universally competent medical doctors. The academic year 2017-2018 has a total number of 1,147 enrollees with 299 first year, 368 second year, 301 third year, 179 fourth year and 117 foreign students, respectively. Keeping a roster of dedicated faculty members as its strength, MHAM takes pride of its 38 full time and 133 part time faculty doctors, 48 non-teaching staff, 11 janitorial services and 16 safety and security employees at present. (Ana Liza Abao)