MHAM holds Professionalism in Teaching Workshop to enhance lifelong commitment and competence among mentors

Professionalism in Teaching Workshop with the MHAM mentors

To augment and improve their teaching skills towards lifelong commitment and competence as MHAM mentors, some full time and part time faculty members attended a whole day workshop on Professionalism in Teaching last February 16, 2018 at AVRs 4 and 5.

A way to start the day…

Started with an engaging energizer as a way to open the day, twenty-eight mentors unremittingly participated the morning and afternoon sessions with the challenge to improve their skills in teaching with a more meaningful commitment and possible functions as teachers, sponsors, advisors, agents, role models, coaches, counselors and confidants.

Ice breaker sessions: The MHAM way

Driven by their responsibility to improve the conditions and practices that affect MHAM mentees’ success and lifelong learning much more in a millennial-centered learning environment, the participating mentors actively shared their collective ideas, insights and perceptions of what teaching is all about in relation to their profession and ethical standards set by and for the profession.

We Are MHAMentors…

Unrelenting to impart her expertise in the field of teaching for more than fifty years now, event-speaker, Dr. Lourdes Tolod introduced to the MHAM mentors the Code of Ethics for Professional Teachers with the challenge to savor and reflect every word on it in as much as they are called to strictly adhere to, observe, and practice the set of ethical and moral principles, standards and values during her lecture.

With the event-speaker, Lourdes G. Tolod, PhD

Having been reminded that on entering the profession, a physician assumes the obligation of maintaining the honorable tradition that confers the well deserved title of a friend of mankind, the MHAM faculty members were grouped according to their respective department along with the presentation of their collective output.

Interview with the event-speaker, Lourdes G. Tolod, PhD

With Professor Emeritus, Dr. Lourdes G. Tolod

In an interview with the event speaker, Dr. Tolod shared that teachers who finished a program in Education were already honed on the cognitive aspect of teaching and were well-exposed to the different techniques and strategies on how to deliver the goods to their students but for the medical doctors sometimes they become teachers by accident or by invitation and that is why they need to hone their skills to become professional teachers.

“I consider this workshop on Professionalism in Teaching a very important and relevant-wise for MHAM faculty members because it really deals with them. They did not take up a course in teaching in the undergraduate but they were teachers of other programs and students of other undergraduate courses but they defined themselves already teaching in the College of Medicine. They just need reinforcement and enhancement when it comes to how to teach effectively and efficiently with professionalism”, Dr. Tolod said.

This Professor Emeritus of Xavier University-Ateneo de Cagayan also added that the workshop itself is of great help to the medical doctors to let them experience how it is to become a professional teacher and how to deliver the goods with strategies to the different students who have different needs.

Mentor for life: Dr. Lourdes G. Tolod in her reinforcing mentorship

“They bring with them the dignity, effectiveness and courage of teachers in the College of Medicine but when it comes to teaching they should also serve as role models. That’s why in the first part we have mentoring which is very important because we are trying to help our medical students go through the program and eventually finish and graduate from the course because of the teachers’ help in mentoring and this time the focus is the teachers themselves whether they are really professionals and if they are practicing their profession”, she concluded.

Departmental Groupings during the Professional in Teaching Workshop

Meanwhile another Professor Emeritus of the same institution, Dr. Agaton Panopio, also graced the event with his valuable workshop facilitation and fatherly constructive alignment for a substantial commitment in teaching based from long years of hands-on experiences in the field of teaching.

With event-speaker and father of MHAM mentors, Agaton T. Panopio Jr., MD, MHPEd

Since the importance of teaching medical professionalism has been emphasized in the many countries worldwide, Dr. Panopio emphasized that a mentor’s responsibility includes giving importance of guiding the students to improve their skills to become globally-competitive through their teaching strategies.

With Professor Emeritus, Dr. Agaton Panopio Jr.

Highly regarded professionals with most trusted profession in the society, the medical doctors who are also in the teaching field are called to adapt teaching practices with their critical roles in helping the mentees fulfill their potential.

With event-speakers, Dr. Lourdes G. Tolod and Dr. Agaton T. Panopio Jr. of Xavier University-Ateneo de Cagayan

As far as teaching is concerned, the faculty members were reminded by the event speakers that effective teachers also create a climate that is exciting where mentees can be most productive when they feel that their mentors care about them as individuals.

We Are MHAMentors: When energy and expertise are rolled into one

Above all, only by raising the quality of teaching, these mentors can truly make a big improvement in education coupled by their commitments in guiding the young learners and aspiring doctors in the medical journey to become better and competent doctors in the future.

MHAM mentors…

In a separate interview with the Chairperson of Obstetrics and Gynecology Department, Dr. Marilou Viray, she stated that the workshop itself covers every aspect of both academics and extra-curricular activities with the mentoring program that builds deeper relationship with the students.

With Dr. Marilou S. Viray in an interview…

“The significance of today’s activity is a workshop on professionalism which is very important being a teacher, not just being a role model to students on the physical aspect and being a mother to them but also on knowledge-wise skills and competence”, said Dr. Viray in an interview.

Chairperson of Obstetrics and Gynecology Department, Marilou S. Viray, MD

Dr. Viray, who started teaching in 2000 in different schools, has been connected with MHAM in 2015 as part of the faculty in the Clinical exposure for junior clerks. Last year, she was designated as the Chairperson of Obstetrics and Gynecology Department and was part of the MHAM Sim CITTI (Simulation Center for Integrated Teaching and Training Innovation) core group and faculty representative who were sent to the Centre for Healthcare Simulation at the National University of Singapore (NUS) Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine for a Simulation Faculty Development Workshop.

With MHAM mentor, Dr. Marilou S. Viray…

“Being a teacher and a mentor, we are also teaching our students to be respectful not only to their teachers but to their peers and colleagues and to build up their emotional quotient aside from the academic aspect”, she added.

In addition, the Zammeds Medical System, Inc., a Manila-based company which provides medical and diagnostic equipments including an advance educational tool called the anatomage table, presented their products before the MHAM mentors after the workshop.

With the Zammeds Medical System, Inc. team

Having been fostered by the facilitators’ expertise with a take-home message that great teaching is indeed a centerpiece of a strong education, the MHAM faculty members ended the whole day event with a raffle draw where Dr. Rainelda Velasco and Dr. Julius Ceasar Eboa came out as lucky winners of gift certificates.

Mavens of the field: Gearing up for a better MHAM

As physicians are called to be upright, diligent, sober, modest and well versed in both the science and the art of the profession as stated in Code of Ethics, today, the MHAM faculty members are challenged to engage and develop their teaching skills for a compelling mentor-mentee relationship in the midst of both changing and challenging times with technical and professional competence. (Ana Liza Abao)