MHAM CRU team breaks summer fever with circumcision operation to indigent young boys in partner community

From MHAM to Calidngan: Free circumcision operation to indigent young boys in Barangay Calidngan, Carcar City, Cebu spearheaded by the Caduceus Rescue Unit

While the census for circumcision is frequently soaring nationwide every summer break, the MHAM Caduceus Rescue Unit (CRU) successfully conducted a free Circumcision Operation locally known as ‘Operation Tuli’ to indigent young boys in a partner community held at the Covered Court, Barangay Calidngan, Carcar City, Cebu last April 14, 2018 in the afternoon.

Service to humanity with Matias aspiring doctors…

Driven by its sole purpose and service to humanity since it was established, the CRU-led medical mission composed of twenty-one freshmen aspiring doctors was one of the many ‘operation tuli’ scheduled every summer season since there are no classes and the perfect time to go through the rite of passage into manhood among young males.

With the CRU volunteers in upland partner community…

MHAM AVP for Administration, Mr. Francisco Bacalla; HR Director, Mr. Pedro Pañares; CESO/Campus Safety and Security Director, Mr. Jarvis Prochina; Barangay Captain, Hon. Ignacio Ochia; CRU President, Gian Vincent Sinda; and some Barangay Health Workers (BHW) in Barangay Calidngan graced and assisted the entire medical mission. To complete, former CRU members and post graduate interns, Dr. Portia Mahinay and Dr. Alpher Arellano also joined the 5-hour summer ritual to the young recipients.

The MHAM team with the CRU-led medical mission in Barangay Calidngan, Carcar City, Cebu

After the pain of the summer ritual was over, fifty-five young boys who were now considered ‘new men’ have benefited the aforementioned mission as part of CRU’s continuing efforts to provide basic healthcare services to its recipients outside Cebu City.

Summer Ritual: With Barangay Calidngan’s young boys-turning men

Since most parents could not afford to bring their sons due to the cost of the procedure when done in a hospital or in a clinic, the free circumcision was one of the notable carried out missions in serving the indigent families with the sense of commitment of community outreach mentality among CRU freshmen volunteers.

Vitalis Volunteers: In pursuit of serving the humanity

Among the CRU members who went home with a sense of fulfillment was John Paulo S. Alanzado whose goal to become a dedicated doctor like his father has made him more determined to reach his fervor to become one. A son of a medical doctor and a dentist, this freshman student stated that he is always willing to be part of any medical mission in the future.

Future Matias maven of the field: Freshman John Paulo S. Alanzado during the circumcision operation in Calidngan, Carcar City, Cebu

“My experience was fun but I was a little bit nervous because it was my first time. As a young medical practitioner, I welcome the opportunity to participate in missions like this. I could say that it was also an exciting activity because I learned a lot from our doctors and my seniors in med school”, Alanzado said in an interview.

With John Paulo S. Alanzado in an interview…

A graduate of BS in Psychology, this 22-year old aspiring doctor aims to improve his surgical skills through the actual patients along his medical journey in MHAM. “As an aspiring doctor, I could use the experience in my future practice. It feels so great to have hands-on training in circumcision. More so, being able to practice surgical skills in a setting outside of the hospital and do the proper way of circumcising and suturing will always be overwhelming”, he added.

Having been submitted his willingness to serve with a heart as part of the CRU working team, Alanzado cited that he also joined another circumcision facilitated by the Philippine National Red Cross (PNRC)-Cebu Chapter in response to the call to help others especially in exercising the life-saving services to indigent Filipino families in vulnerable situations.

Words from a future doctor…

“I think the CRU can become effective in terms of service to the local community by following its core values and fundamental principles as an organization. In addition to this, it can become effective by conducting trainings, seminars and workshops before doing medical missions to the partner communities”, he concluded.

A fascinating foundation in serving the humanity with John Paulo S. Alanzado…

Aimed to produce a highly capable medical student undertaking rescue operations in times of emergency and disaster, the MHAM CRU instills its growing members to place the heart to the community with the services they can provide.

This year’s CRU volunteer-members in their accomplishing moments…

Founded in 2009 under the supervision of MHAM Assistant Dean for Basic Sciences, Dr. Allan Librando, today, CRU’s former members who are now full-pledged physicians are still taking part of the unrelenting mission by assisting and guiding its present members to the actual recipients.

Virogous Vitalis: Kimee Cyrill O. Auza during the free circumcision operation

Meanwhile, another first time volunteer, Kimee Cyrill O. Auza also shared her experience during the circumcision along with other freshmen volunteers who made the humanitarian mission possible. Rooted from her childhood dream to become a doctor with a compassionate heart, KC, as she is fondly called, is a graduate of BS in Biology who always believe that nothing is impossible to a willing heart.

Interview with Kimee Cyrill O. Auza…

“My first operation tuli experience was very fulfilling especially for the fact that we brought the service closer to the people in Calidngan. Even though it was my first time, it did not hinder me in any way because we were trained several times prior to the event and we were properly guided by our seniors and the doctors who came with us”, said Auza.

With another future doctor, Kimee Cyrill O. Auza…

A painless minor surgical procedure primarily performed for hygienic purposes, this 22-year old aspiring doctor who desires to become one of the country’s obstetricians and gynecologists in the future has contributed her compelling role in delivering the CRU’s basic services to the young boys who were circumcised at an early age. “For me one of the importance of circumcision is to maintain personal and proper hygiene”, KC added.

From MHAM to Calidngan: KC’s accomplishing moments

Driven by her motivation to become an instrument in uplifting someone’s life by becoming a CRU member, this Vitalis student-volunteer values health education coupled with efforts to achieve health equity in the local communites.

“As one of CRU current members I believe that aside from participating the circumcision services, the organization should conduct outreach programs and seminars that would promote health and to educate the community so that they can be equipped with the knowledge based on facts”, she concluded.

We Are MHAM: With this year’s CRU volunteer-members

As series of free surgical operation this summer is prevalent in promoting community-oriented projects throughout the country, the CRU-spearheaded medical mission also provided proper medicines for circumcision to the circumcised young boys aside from the sanitary and hygienic importance, bracing the much-dreaded ritual rite just to become a ‘new man’.

The CRU Team

Keeping its legacy to bring hope to the partner communities with various services from life-saving to life-changing mission, MHAM is strongly committed to meaningful community outreach and institutionalized programs with its main thrust to put health in the hands of the people through poverty alleviating actions. (Ana Liza Abao)