MHAM CESO Director takes oath of office as President of the Philippine Association of Nutrition-Cebu Chapter

Association of Nutrition, Inc. (PAN, Inc.) Cebu Chapter Induction of Officers

Having been elected as the President of the Philippine Association of Nutrition, Inc. (PAN, Inc.) Cebu Chapter, the MHAM Community Extension Services Office (CESO) Director took the oath of office during the Induction of new set of Board Of Directors (BOD) held at Bintana Coffee House, Elizabeth Pond Street, Cebu City last December 2, 2017 in the evening.

In a joint pre-Christmas gathering among PAN members, MHAM CESO Director, Mr. Jarvis S. Prochina, humbly accepted the noble mission to lead the association as he took the oath of office as the new President together with the new set of BOD.

December-to-remember: PAN, Inc. Cebu Chapter Christmas Party 2017

Started with a heartwarming invocation rendered by the singing sisters, Ms. Maria Kim and Ms. Anya Martinez, the 3-hour night event was well-blended with a delectable dinner, fun-filled games, exchanging of gifts and remarkable togetherness among Cebu’s nutrition advocates.

Music delights with the singing sisters, Ms. Maria Kim and Ms. Anya Martinez…

Event-guest, Hon. Joannes Alegado graced the night event as the inducting officer with his inspiring reminder to continue the advocacy of making every Filipino healthy with the association’s task of improving the quality of food that every Filipino should eat which is very vital since nutrition has something to do with the way a person should live.

Event-guest and Inducting Officer, Hon. Joannes P. Alegado, MD

The new set of BOD for 2018 who accepted the challenge and commitment as bearers of human nutrition were as follows: President, Jarvis S. Prochina; Vice President, Girlie V. Libato; Secretary, Anya Y. Martinez; Assistant Secretary, Justinne Lou P. Go; Treasurer, Jocelyn Y. Bacayo; Auditor, Don Art Timothy V. Gultia; PROs, Piladelfa S. Gaviola and Angelica Marie C. Veloso; and Members, Irene Fenn Bendicio and Paz B. Reyes.

(L-R) Inducting Officer, Hon. Joannes P. Alegado, MD; PAN Assistant Secretary, Justinne Lou P. Go; Secretary, Anya Y. Martinez; President, Jarvis S. Prochina; Vice President, Girlie V. Libato; Treasurer, Jocelyn Y. Bacayo; Auditor, Don Art Timothy V. Gultia;  PRO, Angelica Marie C. Veloso; Member, Irene Fenn Bendicio; PRO, Piladelfa S. Gaviola; and Member, Paz B. Reyes…

Interview with the former PAN, Inc. Cebu Chapter President, Mrs. Erlinda Binghay, RD, MPH

In keeping its mission towards the attainment of proper nutrition through the development of the foods, nutrition and dietetics discipline among Cebuanos, the PAN-Cebu is looking forward to increase the diversity of the profession and the membership with empowering goals, according to the former PAN President, Mrs. Erlinda Binghay.

“It was a very good and exciting induction we ever had and we are confident that this can be carried over by Jarvis and we aim to diversify our association’s membership with targeted-goals through his leadership”, Binghay said in an interview.

A champion in advocating the importance of nutrition as a foundation for health through healthy lifestyle, this former faculty of Northwestern University-Department of Preventive Medicine in Chicago is also known in her exemplary community campaigns on nutrition through nutrition education in all levels of medical training programs including MHAM.

During her opening and welcome address, Binghay also acknowledged Prochina’s achievement in establishing the first functional Nutrition Research Development Center to support the prime mission which is to reduce malnutrition by implementing community projects for nutrition programs in an upland barangay in Carcar City, Cebu.

With Mrs. Erlinda Binghay in her opening and welcome remarks…

In his acceptance and inspirational message, the 54-year old PAN President expressed his willingness in accepting the responsibilities and commitment to lead the network with the support of its goal-oriented members.

MHAM Community Extension Services Office/Campus Safety and Security Director Mr. Jarvis S. Prochina in his acceptance and inspirational message…

With the new PAN President-elect, Jarvis S. Prochina, MATS, MAREXA

“Rooted from our collective goals and selfless vocation in serving our fellowmen through proper education on nutrition, I feel no fear upon accepting this responsibility because I believe that we all have the same advocacy and goals for the common good”, said Prochina in his privilege speech.

Sharing his challenging experiences in life way back in childhood years, he accepted the challenge with a willing heart to serve and to lead the network towards its mission.

“Modesty aside, the wisdom of being elected has brought me to connect this endeavor to my childhood experiences in relevance to food security and nutrition. As your President, I presumed that you will never forsake nor leave me with my belief that leading is not doing but leading is what others do with you with what you are suppose to do”, he concluded.

Furthermore, to find a permanent room or office exclusively for PAN and to create a website in order to bring closer to the world for the public to participate in addressing nutrition and food security through social media connectivity are among the specific plans that he is looking forward to accomplish this year.

PAN President-elect, Mr. Jarvis Prochina…

At present, this  PAN leader is also the MHAM Campus Safety and Security Director aside from spearheading the institution’s community extension programs.

In a separate interview with event-host and one of Cebu’s registered nutritionists, Ms. Justinne Lou Go, she delightfully shared that the participation of PAN in the MHAM Medical Mission held in a partner community was indeed effective with favorable feedbacks from the participants.

Ms. Justinne Lou Go

A SunStar Weekend writer and contributor, this 26-year old nutrition advocate also graced the MHAM Pasko sa Kabukiran Season 2 pre-Christmas celebration in Barangay Calidngan, Carcar City, reaching out to at-home mothers with her signature snacks during a 2-session nutritious recipe demonstration together with another advocate, PAN Secretary Ms. Anya Martinez.

“I think that was a very good team approach as a medical team because nutrition would always go along in a medical mission since it is an essential part of overall health and healing”, said Go in an interview.

She also added that PAN is meant to be composed of different professionals and the need to collaborate to people of different fields with functional expertise coming together toward a common goal is the network’s continuous objective.

Interview with the current PAN Assistant Secretary, Ms. Justinne Lou Go, RND

“Since malnutrition is our main target we showed to the at-home mothers in the area on how to prepare healthy snacks for their children in an easy and affordable way. We were so glad that they were very attentive and participative with positive and encouraging feedbacks”, she added.

The Christmas party as PAN’s year-ender activity ended up with an inspiring take home message that through the years, the nutrition advocates are the experts and leaders in human nutrition, uniquely qualified to develop strategies to prevent, identify and manage malnutrition with the task to ensure that the nutrition challenges are adapted at a program level.

PANoramic year-ender memories…

To date, the new PAN President is relentless in his plans and compelling objectives to reach out to local communities with collaborating partners for nutrition programs particularly this year, a commitment to improve the nation’s health through research, education and advocacy. (Ana Liza Abao)