Memorial Awardee Chairman joins the American Society of Cytopathology Annual Scientific Meeting

(C) ASC: Educating with Passion, Shaping the Future with cell-enthusiasts worldwide

2016 Liborio Gomez Memorial Awardee and MHAM alumna-faculty, Dr. Annette L. Salillas, once again joined another prestigious international gathering among cytopathologists during the 65th Annual Scientific Meeting of the American Society of Cytopatholoy at the Arizona Grand Resort, Phoenix Arizona, USA last November 10 to 13, 2017.

(C) ASC: The 65th Annual Scientific Meeting of the American Society of Cytopatholoy at the Arizona Grand Resort, Phoenix Arizona, USA

Salillas, who has been a constant recipient of meritorious local and national awards in recognition of her valuable involvement and service in pathological field, is an Interventional Cytopathologist and Anatomic and Clinical Pathologist by profession. Joining other distinguished cytopathologists worldwide who gathered together for a common cause with its theme, “Educating with Passion, Shaping the Future”, her indebted contribution in the chosen field is the fruit of the continuous encouragement of her mentors whom she owed a lot aside from her passion for excellence as a medical educator.

From MHAM to Arizona: Alumna-faculty, Dr. Annette L. Salillas…

An enrollee of Harvard Medical School for a top-rated Continuing Medical Education (CME) course, this MHAM Anatomic and Clinical Pathology Department Chairperson has been known as a lifelong cell-lover driven by her unrelenting dedication and participation of several global cytological gatherings, representing the country for more than twenty years.

The ASC Society: With Anatomic and Clinical Pathology Department Chairperson, Annette Laurente Salillas, MD

Graced with distinguished speakers, guests and cell-enthusiasts, the 65th Annual Scientific Meeting was started with registration, gathering of first-time attendees, leadership reception, scientific sessions and workshops on the very first day. Harvard Medical School Professor and current ASC President, Dr. Edmund Cibas, graciously opened the annual gathering with his welcome address.

Filled with zealous learning and adapting the teaching style to the evolving world as an educator, Dr. Salillas always believe that those who dare to teach never cease to learn.

“Each and every time I learn something new taught by experts with real-world experience in their respective areas, it stimulates me to share the knowledge to students, residents and colleagues. I always believe that you can become the best in your field if you continue to learn and hone your skill by attending workshops, tutorials and conferences with lifelong practice of learning in an innovative and transformative approach. What makes it more fascinating is the opportunity that when the experts are your friends you can just discuss any topic of interest with them and make suggestions for a future research study”, Dr. Salillas said.

(C) ASC: Cell-lovers all over the world

Centered on Cytology Shark Tank, the second day was then followed with General Networking and Poster Viewing while the Annual Business Meeting, Awards Presentation and the ASC Foundation Phoenix Rising Turquoise Reception made the yearly gathering so distinctly notable.

Aimed to address cutting-edge issues and concerns for an interactive learning society, the 4-day engaging social function among cell-lovers and enthusiasts in the world converged upon the latest trends and scientific updates in cytopathology, professional network strengthening and exhibitors interaction.

Dr. Salillas with her ASC Colleagues

Sharing a vision of education, research and quality of patient care, the ASC is a diverse society of representatives all over the world where cytotechnologists and medical doctors as a distinct society can interact in a pervasive manner. Founded in 1951, today, ASC is evolving in numbers whose membership with fellows and residents can create a motivational effect among first-time participants, interacting with the renowned names in the field.

ASC moments…

Fulfilled with a sense of commitment to impart her knowledge and insights to aspiring medical doctors and dedicated individuals who are in the same field, Dr. Salillas is also the Chairman of the Department of Pathology of Gov. Celestino Gallares Memorial Hospital in Tagbilaran City. Her numerous participation across the globe along with her Research Paper presentations being an international fellow of the American Society for Clinical Pathology marks another milestone in her advocacy with remarkable conventions held in France, Australia, Thailand,  Africa, Florida, Chile, Japan and in the US.

Just recently, she was invited as a lecturer during the 25th Anniversary Thai-Japanese Workshop In Diagnostic Cytopathology in Thailand. To date, Dr. Salillas is also scheduled to grace this year’s Japanese Cytopathology Congress in Hokkaido, Japan as a speaker with her fervor willingness to impart the acquired learnings in relevance to the emerging global education challenge in the 21st century and beyond.

MHAM lifelong cell-lover…

Set on November 10 to 13, 2018 in Washington, District of Columbia, the next annual meeting among physicians, cytotechnologists and scientists dedicated to the cytological method of diagnostic pathology will convene for another cell talks and learner-centered discussions for Cytopathology Education where Dr. Salillas is bound to participate once more. (Ana Liza Abao)