Faculty holds 2-day Year-end Planning and Evaluation 2018

With some of the full time MHAM mavens during the Year-end Planning and Evaluation 2018…

Fervently committed in their role as the keys to the implementation of teaching-learning programs, the MHAM faculty members from respective departments held a 2-day Year-end Planning and Evaluation at the MHAM AVR 6 last July 12-13, 2018.

Attended by eighteen faculty members, the 2-day event was facilitated and guided by the father of MHAM mentors, Dr. Agaton T. Panopio Jr. of Xavier University-Ateneo de Cagayan.

Dr. Agaton Panopio Jr. with the MHAM faculty…

College Dean, Dr. Ma. Socorro Manaloto, started the activities with the presentation of the Institutional Sustainability Assessment Framework as the tool for their assessment and evaluation in the areas of Governance and Management, Quality of Teaching and Learning, Quality of Professional Exposure, Research and Creative Work, Support for Students and Relations with the Community.

With College Dean, Ma. Socorro Manaloto, MD, FPOGS

“We are here for the year-end evaluation and hopefully tomorrow for the direct planning. When we attended the APMC seminar in Manila about Quality Assurance, we came about the CHED’s Institutional Sustainability Assessment Framework and they have the tool for the assessment. I think it is a good start here with the five areas in your handouts and we will first assess ourselves at the end of the rubrics then we will rate ourselves in accordance with this KRA”, Dr. Manaloto said.

With the Chairperson of the Pharmacology and Toxicology Department, Dr. Donny Jay Yu…

Based from CHED’s mandate and recommendation, the Institutional Quality Assurance systems which are key to the organization’s sustainability are covered with five aforementioned Key Result Areas (KRAs) with corresponding criteria.

This year’s Year-end Planning and Evaluation

According to Dr. Agaton Panopio Jr., it is very essential to have a yearly evaluation among faculy members with a 5-year strategic plan in order to move towards achievement for that particular plan until they reach what they think is ideal.

With the father of MHAM mentors, Dr. Agaton T. Panopio Jr.

“Actually it is a routine that at the end of the year you evaluate what happen during the year and then you plan for the next school year because if we look at the curriculum, a curriculum is never stopping so it depends on what has happened when it comes to feedback of faculty and feedback of students. At the end of every school year, you must evaluate what has happened and what can we do next in order to improve the quality of teaching. We cannot implement everything all at one time and it has to be gradual. The tendency is, we have to take into consideration the logistics. We may have a lot of things to consider like equipments but we do not have money for that then we reserve it for another time”, said Dr. Panopio.

With the MHAMentors…

In an interview with Dr. Ma. Victoria Bael of the Internal Medicine Department, she stated that the 2-day event was of big help not just on the part of the faculty but also to the MHAM graduates particularly in the real world once they are in the community.

With Dr. Ma. Victoria G. Bael of the Internal Medicine Department…

“The significance of this whole day affair is that we were able to learn our strength and some of our weaknesses and how to improve this. There is still a room for improvement and a room to strengthen the institution’s values and mission and this is very good because it needs participation by all and Dr. Panopio was there to guide us so we really know how to do it properly”, Dr. Bael said.

Interview with Ma. Victoria G. Bael, MD, FPPS, FPNA, FCNSP

Being the head section of Neurology, Dr. Bael added that being a faculty member is not just about the profession but the passion in itself. “For me the ultimate goal is our graduates because when they go out there, they are not only passionate in treating patients but as well as the social, cultural and emotional relationship with the community. I want our graduates not only in improving the grades or topping the board exam that when they go out there, they should be proud of who they are, they should be proud of the institution and they should be helpful to the community”, she added.

Words from a faculty-mentor: Dr. Ma. Victoria G. Bael

This passionate faculty who is teaching in MHAM for twenty-five years now also reiterated that the event was indeed productive with its aim to become a better MHAM. “It is really fruitful for everybody and we know where to go for the next three or five years of the school”, she concluded.

For a better MHAM: The MHAMavens of the field

At present, MHAM has kept its loyal and committed thirty-eight (38) full time and one hundred thirty-three (133) part time faculty-doctors who continue to provide quality education along with their long years of expertise in the field of Medicine that affect MHAM products’ success and lifelong learning. Moreover, to pursue sustainable excellence and competence in teaching, twenty-one (21) faculty members took the Masteral Program of Master of Arts in Health Professions Education (MAHPEd) facilitated by Xavier University-Ateneo de Cagayan Graduate School with professors Dr. Panopio Jr. and Dr. Lourdes Tolod. Currently they are now on their thesis writing while there are new sixteen (16) new MAHPEd enrollees, envisioned to further enhance the teaching methodologies, coaching and evaluating techniques. (Ana Liza Abao)